The Question

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There is a question that will take you
To the door of The Friend.

And when it opens, you will see
How answers keep coming…

Like a thousand blessings
Drenched in light.

But do not settle
For a single one of those.

If you keep your eyes open
You will see, there is still more…

It is the question, not the answer,
That holds open the door.


© Yollana, 2015


The wind holds the stars…



The wind holds the stars
aloft. Soft,

the sun warms the clouds
and they fly.

No meaning is lost in the
innocent drop

of the fruit from the trees
when they die.

© Yollana Shore 1995

featured in Life of Joni, 2014

At the Centre of Us All



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We may only be here
a little while.

You, or I, could be gone tomorrow.
And even 80 years may pass in a flash.

Lets not waste This Moment

to be more,
or less,
or other
than Who We Are…

Most deeply.

For I suspect that at the centre of us all
is Love.


© Yollana Shore 2014

Living from the Inside

The throne rose










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Deep within me I find a throne, recessed way back

at the origin of my being.


Withdrawing from the surface, I kept moving back, way back…

Crossing dark deserts and vast oceans within


Until seated here, in the heart of Oneness,

On a throne that is emerging from the tapestry of life,


I see my story laid out before me…

A path created as it is walked.


And what seemed to happen to me

I now see happens from me, and for me


Perfectly reflecting

the unfolding of my soul.


© Yollana Shore 2014



Train Your Eyes to Beauty












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There are moments that shine,

like dew drops upon the web of existence,

in praise of all that is.


When I find myself here,

like that precious droplet, crystal clear

all I want to do is reflect the light of the sun

into the world of your heart.


Alight by your light

At peace with your peace

May my joy give you joy

May my pleasure enrich yours.


If you want to feel this majesty,

Train your eyes to beauty.


© Yollana Shore 2014

The Beauty You See…



The beauty you see

is the beauty you are.


You created this moment

from the depths of your being


To reflect the essence

of exquisite emptiness


back to yourself

in all its fractal forms


… so Enjoy.


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© Yollana Shore 2014

When That Freedom Bird Comes


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When that Freedom Bird comes for you, don’t turn back

Even if your house is burning.


Only the mind can go back in time.


In the river of conceivable moments,

just one drop holds the treasure.


It is the one that is always with you.

Ever-moving to and from and as the sea.


Don’t imagine you have lost it.


Freedom Bird


© Yollana Shore 2014

What the listening heart deciphers


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Listening Heart

I have a secret, but nothing to hide.
Living by an inner law
that a listening heart deciphers,

I open my ears, my eyes, my heart
flowering and failing in the way that only I can
and finding myself again and again.

I would like to give myself to you, dear friend
but you will soon be gone, like my own form.

So if I give my heart to you,
you must pass it on
to my Eternal Beloved.

And if you fail to hold it,
let it fall to the ground like dry leaves..

And I will ask the Earth herself
to offer it back to the One.


© Yollana Shore 2014



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Fill me with your honey

This time I will not tell a soul.


You have a thousand faces

But this one is the sweetest.


Seduce me into silence

Until I am completely empty

And brimming with your essence.


Show me how to hold you

And contain the uncontainable.


© Yollana Shore 2014

I Stand.


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I Stand

I stand

against the skyline.


I stand

upon the earth.


I breathe

this air that trees made.


As every cell expands,

I stand.



I am a cell of Gaia

I’m formed of love and soil.


I move where spirit goes

Where my life’s river flows, I flow


Born of the One Great Ocean,

No thing is separate from me.

We’re stardust on a silver sea.


Waves cresting in the moonlight

Turbulent, our collective flight.



I am self organising.

I face what comes my way,


from new born child smiling

to corporation terrorising,



it all returns to Grace.



So I stand.


Too right, I’m spiritual.

Sure as heck I’m awake.


I stand, and I am not afraid to stand

in battlefield or market place.


I stand and thread my arrow.

I aim right for the tigers eye.


I shoot and Darkness falls to earth.

I’m dark and yet I stand for Light.



I stand against the skyline.

I stand upon the earth.


I stand for love and healing.

I stand for our world rebirthed.


I stand for justice, freedom, peace at last

and Oneness. We are not apart.



I stand tall and surrendered.

I never had a choice.


Born right into this moment,

I stand so you can hear my voice.



The River flows.

No one knows

from where we came

or where we’ll go.


But here I am

and now I am.

Though there’s no word

for who I am.


I’m infinite. I’m human.

I am here

and here I stand.


© Yollana Shore 2014