2011: The Year Your Soul Started Dancing

One of my favourite conscious and creative entrepreneurs, Goddess Leonie, recently wrote a great blog post about how your business can evolve in a not-so-logical-but-deeply-rewarding, follow-your-heart kind of way.

I say ‘not so logical’, but in retrospect of course, those crazy, creative, follow your heart decisions often turn out to make sense after all. There’s probably a word for that – meta logic or divine logic or something. Anyway, it got me thinking…

Your soul wants to sparkle.

Have you ever felt like you really wanted to follow your heart, your joy, your passion in some area of your life… but held back because you thought it wouldn’t fit with your business, your friends, your reputation?

Maybe you had some Inner Rules guiding you. You know the ones, like – You have to be ‘this way’ for people to like you… You should wear ‘those clothes’ if you want people to respect you… You have to speak like ‘that’ for people to want to buy from you… You should structure your business like ‘this’ if you ever want to make any money ….You get the drift, right?

Inner Rules like this are fairly easy to find because they often inhabit the exact same spaces where you don’t feel sparkly in your life. Try it now. Just see if you can find a place in your life where you are not feeling inspired, energised, or just not having fun.

… Got some?

This is a precious lifetime.

You and I, we only have one lifetime (at least in this unique form). And I for one don’t want to waste it fitting into roles or stereotypes that don’t really resonate with me. Or to wait ’til the end of my life to do what really gives me joy. Or to put off feeling free to really be myself.

Nope. I want to let my soul sparkle. Now. I want to make space for my deeper essence, for my soul’s truest expressions, in my work,  in my relationships, in my creative expression… Everywhere!

And I want that for you too. I wan to see more of your sparkly soul shining in the things you do…

That’s why I’m declaring 2011 The Year Our Souls Start Dancing – for you, me and anyone else who feels the call.

My secret mission for the coming year…

To help a hundred people get their souls truly dancing in their life and particularly in their business. (Because that’s the place where the Soul usually gets left out.)

How to get your soul dancing.

You know what? Your soul is already dancing. And sparkling. And resting in infinite stillness. All of that is part of it’s mysterious nature.  “Getting it to dance” is not exactly something you can do.

But there are a few things you can do to help create the conditions whereby this dancing mystery can show up more fully in your life and business.

First up: Intention. No, you don’t need to stand in front of a mirror repeating an affirmation 50 times for this to work. Just notice in your heart if there is a genuine longing to show up more fully in your life. To be more of Who You Are.

If that intention is there, then you can notice it, acknowledge it and celebrate it. That’s it! Easy, huh?

Second up: Notice The Rules. No, they’re usually not the written ones. But the more subtle, unspoken, and often outdated ones. They usually involve a “should” or a “have to”. As I said before, you can usually find them hanging around the same places where your soul isn’t dancing, and where you ain’t feeling sparkly.

You can ask yourself: What rules have I taken on and followed, perhaps subconsciously, without really checking if they are true – or true for me?

Third up: Loosen Up. Look, many rules are there for a good reason. They have some wisdom behind them. So I’m not asking you to throw them out completely. I’m just asking you to soften with them. Take them lightly. Even just for a day. Give yourself the space to discover freshly if that is really truly true for you… Or if it’s just something that was true for someone else at some other time in the past…

What if those Rules were a jacket, and what if you didn’t have to wear it? What if you could loosen your coat and just hang it on a chair for now….And let yourself dream for a moment. Who could you be? What could you do? If money, time, rules, relationships weren’t an issue… what would you want for yourself then?

Loosen up just enough to give yourself some space to dream… You don’t have to make anything happen just yet. There’s no pressure to “manifest your ideal life right now”.

.. Just start by making space for you to be you, and see what unfolds.

Your soul thrives on process, not outcome. And it lives in a timeless zone, without deadlines. When you loosen up and make space for you to be you, even if you don’t know how to make it happen and ‘manifest your dreams’ , your soul will sparkle and dance. And you will probably find doors opening that you didn’t even know were there.

How does this sound?

Are there new directions that are calling you in 2011? Why not jump in and share them below.

Are you willing to make some space for your intentions, notice any rules and loosen up to make space for your dreams to unfold?

Yes? Use the comment box below to share your thoughts. Truly, I only write this stuff because I’m hoping that you will read it, and it will touch you, and maybe even inspire something. So if it does – let me know!

Love Yollana



5 Responses

  1. Such a timely reminder to look at the inner rules. I’m looking forward to dancing the mystery and manifesting the new creations that inspire me into action in 2011
    Simone Engdahl recently posted..Letting Go

  2. yollana says:

    Yay! Glad it was timely, Simone. Wishing you an inspired 2011! 🙂

  3. Cathy says:

    Wonderful post Yollana – lots of useful tips – thankyou!

  4. Loosening up is one of the hardest things to do.

    I have tried several times but business always seems to bring another stress along.

    Business should be fun but I struggle with that part.

    I hope to pick up for fab tips from this blog.

    Thank you Yollana

  5. yollana says:

    Thank you @Cathy.

    Hi there @sweettextmessages.

    I hear you – business can be stressful. Especially if you are thinking about trying to be relaxed for a whole week or something. But what if, as I mentioned in this post, you just gave yourself one full moment. Maybe five minutes. Just to be present with your own heart to see what makes it sing.

    Try it right now and tell me if you still think it is the hardest thing to do 😉

    Love Yollana