4 Apps To Make You Happier At Work

In Belgium, 73% of applicants expect to gain more skills in their new job.

Here are our favorite 4 apps that help you improve your productivity and get in the mood for excellent performance.

Headspace (iOS, Android, free, in-app purchases)
Everyone has the potential to be happy, but sometimes we need the right tools and support to counter the daily stress. Headspace is a great app that reminds us how and why we can be happy wherever you are. This is a training that you did not get in your education – free courses on topics such as gratitude, self-confidence, health and much more.

The result:

both at home and at work, Headspace helps you to see the positive aspects.

Pocket  iOS, Android, free, in-app purchases:

The pocket is for everyone who loves the Internet, but not for distractions. You can open 25 articles in tabs to ‘read later’; this app stores them and puts them offline in a place ready for you. Do you have an e-mail that is too long to read? Save it for later. Do you find a great quote that you want to remember and share with others? You can highlight any text.

The result: you are no longer distracted from your work and store all the interesting things you find on the internet in an offline facility.

Evernote  iOS, Android, free, in-app purchases:

Productivity goes hand in hand with pleasure. The fun goes hand in hand with productivity. Through this powerful tool to take notes, you become super efficient. You can store illustrations, sound recordings, highlights, captions and PDF notes in one and the same place, so that you are organized and confident throughout the working day.

The result: no longer stacks of paper and various screens.

Nike Training Club (iOS, Android; gratis)
Improve your fitness and with specially tailored workouts. If you choose the results you want (Lean, Toned, Strong or Focused) and your difficulty level, the app will put together an effective four-week program, complete with step-by-step photos, videos, timers, comments, and points. for each exercise that you complete.

The result:

The exercises are focused on various muscles in your body, so you quickly achieve good results.

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