A billion fires burning


Listen to me reading this poem here: A billion fires (right-click to download)



Tonight. A billion fires are burning

Men and women are circling, returning.


The seeds we have planted

All over the earth

Have risen up to make

flowers, fruits and new seeds.

This is the food we blessed ones eat.


We’re gathering together

We are many, in one

We think for ourselves

And knowing ourselves

We Love!


Wild and Free.

This Spirit Alive

You can’t break this bright light web

It’s too strong, and too wide.


Eyes that are sparkling and smiling connect

with hands that play music and beat – beat, beat – beat

to the mother rhythm, and the father rhythm

and our deep soul dancing feet.


We’re carving and painting

We’re sitting, meditating

We’re diving, inventing

We’re activating and love-making…


Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

With the light on our face

Every breath we breathe

is another breath for Grace


There’s not an atom or neutron

in this entire universe

that we don’t know is sacred…


So we’re singing up all of it –

the stars and the earth.


You might not have noticed,

but we’ve already changed the world.


Our hearts are alight

with old-new ways re-turning.



More than a billion fires are burning.


 © Yollana Shore 2014



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