About Soul Business

Hi, I’m Yollana, founder of Soul Business.Yollana Shore

Soul Business was born from my private practice in an incredibly powerful form of ‘soul work’ called The Journey, which was developed by an inspirational teacher and friend, Brandon Bays. In 2006, I began to apply some of the principles of this ‘soul work’ to business contexts under the banner of “discover the difference”.

But the soul business connection really began to solidify in 2007, when I met fourth-generation entrepreneur and Sufi healer, Mark Silver, from Heart of Business. Since 2009, I have begun to work more closely with Mark, who has been mentoring and training me in the work that he has developed over the last ten years. I now represent that work to Australia and combine it with my own insights from ten of private practice and business development.

I am blessed to live in Northern New South Wales, on the East Coast of Australia, with my husband Will, my daughter Erin and my son Ashwin (aren’t they gorgeous?).








The longer version…

I was born in the Adelaide Hills to parents who were both educators, and grew up in South Australia. Living in an average middle-class family, I became very aware of the privileges that I have – access to food, clothes, education, transport, entertainment. I thought of those in Australia and overseas who weren’t so lucky and I resolved to make the most of my life. I wanted to make a difference.

As a teenager, I moved to Brisbane and completed my secondary education at a progressive school that encouraged free-thinking, creativity, innovation and initiative. It was a great environment for me, where leadership was nurtured. As School Captain, I continued to explore ways to make a difference in my school and local community and I discovered how leadership comes with both influence and responsibility.

Still seeking ways to make the world a better place, I enrolled in an environmental science degree at Griffith University. I knew this to be the longest established environmental course in Australia with a unique multidisciplinary focus and a broader, more visionary, perspective. I received an award for academic excellence and finally majored in social policy and development, gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate interconnections between social and environmental issues.

While completing my degree, I travelled through Europe, researching eco-villages and sustainable communities that were seeking solutions to environmental and social problems. This research continued in Australia and was integrated with my tertiary education.

“Yollana is committed to our future and the prospects of future generations… she is someone who could take a leading role in the development of sustainability theory and practice in this country”

Dr Graham Meltzer, Author, Sustainable Community (2005).

For five years I worked for and with Sarkissian Associates Planners, a private consulting firm which specialised in social planning and community engagement with the Earth in mind. As an administrator, research assistant and facilitator, I had the opportunity to work on major projects across Australia with City Councils, government agencies and private developers. Through this process, I began to understand the power of small business, private corporations and public sector organisations to make real differences to people’s lives and futures.

“Yollana Shore has made an impression upon me as a woman who has the capacity to undertake any task she turns her hand to. I really mean that. The pressures of a small business are often difficult to imagine, but Yollana has shouldered responsibilities which have more than demonstrated her capacity for flexibility and responsiveness.”

Dr Wendy Sarkissian, Director, Sarkissian Associates Planners Pty Ltd www.sarkissian.com.au

In 2008, I co-authored a book with Dr Sarkissian called Kitchen Table Sustainability: Practical Recipes for Community Engagement with Sustainability. See www.kitchentablesustainability.com

In 2001, I met international presenter and mind-body healing expert, Brandon Bays. I then began an in-depth training program, learning her ground-breaking healing and empowerment technique The Journey TM. Since 2001, I have been using this technique in a one-on-one context with clients to support them to clear out all sorts of personal issues, so that they can live their full potential. I have also become clearer and freer myself!

“… a big Thank You for a life changing process!… Since that wonderful process I am off all medication for both depression and asthma. It has totally changed my life and the life of my family and they cannot thank you enough.”

Julia, Blenheim, NZ.

Since 2001, I have continued to work one-on-one with individuals, introducing them to The Journey. In 2004-5, I worked with the Journey Seminars Australasia as an Event Manager. In this role, I was able to develop my skills and understanding of the seminar and training industry and deepen my skills and experience as a Journey practitioner.

However, what was personally most rewarding for me about that time, was that I began to learn a unique business approach which has completely transformed my understandings of business – for the better. I began to apply these principles in my own business and share them with others, witnessing the profound shifts that followed.

Since I began to study with Heart of Business in 2007, my understanding of how to be in business with integrity, authenticity and passion, has deepened again. I have discovered practical tools which I am now able to share with others who long for a new way to do business, that nourishes both body and Soul.