Remedy for Unfulfilled Dreams and New Year Visions…

The closing of a year, and the opening of a new one, is often a time to celebrate what you’ve achieved. Yet what about the things you didn’t achieve? The lost causes and broken dreams… What, my love, will you do with those?

Here I am in my new home, filled with gratitude at all the blessings in my life.

As I was packing, I uncovered some vision boards that I made 6 and 12 months ago… It’s always amazing to see these and realize how ‘right on track’ I am.

When dreams don’t come true…

Yet I remember a time when I looked back on a vision that I had made twelve months earlier, and saw with dismay at how few of my dreams seemed to be actually coming about. So what was missing? Looking back now, I can see that there were three or four things that needed to be in place, in order for me to really appreciate what I had and create what I wanted: Alignment, Surrender, Patience and Gratitude.

Let me unveil these four for you.

Four-part Remedy for Broken Dreams


When I first started setting goals for the future and dreaming new possibilities for myself, I was more externally focussed than I am now. I was less connected to my own heart and soul. My vision board was more a reflection of what I thought I wanted, then what I truly deeply wanted. It needed to be in alignment with my deeper wishes… with my soul.


In order to move into closer alignment with my deepest desires, with what my soul was most longing to unfold in the world, I needed to surrender. Thankfully, life gave me plenty of opportunities. A ‘failed’ vision board was one of them. Watching other people’s wishes coming true, while my dreams appeared to remain unanswered was incredibly humbling, and it forced me, you could say, to keep letting go of who I thought I was, and surrendering to discover what my own soul was showing itself to be.


When you witness other people’s success, it often appears to happen quickly and easily, leaving you wondering (even doubting) whether it will ever happen for you…

It’s a funny thing that. Many of the wonderful things that I enjoy in my life now appeared to come suddenly when they came, but were in fact decades in the making.

Just imagine if you had a dream to be able to eat homegrown apples from your very own g apple tree. There would certainly be a long process involved! Planning and acquiring the seed, preparing the soil, planting and watering and feeding the pot as it became a sprout, then a seedling then a small tree, perhaps replanting and continuing to nurture and nourish the growing tree until it finally matured enough, waiting for the season to turn… and then one day “Pop!”… ‘Suddenly’ an apple!

And just like an apple, a great dream can take a long time to come to fruition, but can appear suddenly when it comes.

So often, our dreams are actually coming to fruition, they are just on a different timeframe to what we had hoped or expected… Just because a fruit has not ripened yet, does not mean that the tree will not give ripe fruit.


There’s no way to make a tree bear fruit before it’s ready. Yet if you have been noticing all your broken or unfulfilled dreams lately, then you might have been missing what has come to fruition. When you turn your attention to something whole and complete, something already accomplished… no matter how small…. you cultivate the state of grace and gratitude which draws like unto itself.

So there it is. The Remedy that I wish someone had given me all those years ago, as I reviewed my unfulfilled dreams and promises. The Remedy that I gift to you now.

May all your deepest dreams come true in 2012 and beyond.

Love Yollana



3 Responses

  1. James Reid says:

    Thank you for this very timely Remedy, Yollana. Thank you for the depth of the wisdom that you share, for quality of the service you offer, for your relentless opening to Truth.

    May you continue to dream deeply and see them bear fruit.

    Love, James

  2. Tanja says:

    Beautiful message, Yollana. Alignment and surrender can be hard to find within ourselves when we’re so intently focussed on what we think we want. This post is a great reminder to stop, breathe and reconnect before we assume we aren’t achieving anything.

    Blessings – TANJA
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  3. yollana says:

    Thank you, James.

    … And Tanja – Yes! 🙂

    Love Yollana
    yollana recently posted..Our new home…