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all people who work in the Netherlands, more than 50% are not in the right place. Often we consciously opt for a career, start here with enthusiasm, but years later, they get bogged down in a job that might pay well but no longer gives satisfaction. This is the reality for many people. Too bad and too often true. But how does this happen?

Conscious career choice:

If all goes well, we consciously choose what we want at the beginning of our career. As a child, you choose what you like and not for which profession you pay the most. It starts at school. We obtain good marks for the courses that lie with us and then opt for a study choice that suits us. After this, we will work at a company or in an industry where we feel comfortable.

If we choose to work in the business world, we will be promoted by working well, which will bring us a step further. We also often choose a different job because it gives better paid or more status. However, if we are not careful, we will dispense with the control and let our career be determined by others, so that we eventually end up in a place that does not (or no longer) suit us.

In my career, this has happened once. 10 years ago I ended up in a position as a service manager where I was not really at my place. I thought it was terrible to suddenly have to compile and comply with all kinds of processes, procedures and service level agreements and missed the real human contact. This human contact was originally the reason why I started a career in automation.

This painful experience, however, was the beginning of a reorientation of what I really liked to do. Coaching is now my passion.

Life stages, career and career switch:

If it used to be the norm to work for the same boss all your life, now that is certainly not the case. Someone who works with the same boss all his life is an exception nowadays. Because the certainty of a job for life has fallen away, we are now almost forced to make career choices that suit us. But what fits well with us now? This often depends on the stage of life in which we are.

Until about 25 years we are actually only busy with receiving. We still have little work and life experience and may not even know what we really want. Others set the standard and we are easily influenced by them.
In the 25-40 years phase, we are intensively engaged in our career. We want to put ourselves down and experience as much growth as possible. Status and career are important.

From about 40 years we will enter a different phase of life. We are going to be more concerned with what we have to offer the world. Material matters are becoming less and less important. A midlife crisis often has to do with this reorientation in our lives.

Career counseling is now more necessary than ever. By aligning your career with the needs of your life phase, you will see that you are happier and get more satisfaction from what you do. Companies can get much more profit from their employees if they actively participate in career counseling.

Dismissal and outplacement:

Sometimes we are forced to make a new career choice. In case of sudden dismissal, an outplacement project can offer the solution. An outplacement trajectory is often reimbursed by the employer and supervised by a career coach or career counselor.

Often first-time grief processing is needed to give the old job a place, but afterward, the future can be looked into. People who go through an outplacement trajectory often experience this as positive and discover qualities and talents in themselves that they have given a meaningful interpretation, often with great success.

Career coach for career counseling and career advice:

Coaching is a beautiful course that you can use in all directions. Being a coach has been a conscious choice in my career. I consciously chose the profession that suits me. In fact, I have been my own career advisor.

As a life coach, I am now also a career coach and career advisor and I help people to make such a conscious choice in their own careers. In fact, there is no such difference between a normal coach track or a career coach track. In both cases, the questions are: Who am I, what can I do and what do I really want?

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