A billion fires burning


Listen to me reading this poem here: A billion fires (right-click to download)



Tonight. A billion fires are burning

Men and women are circling, returning.


The seeds we have planted

All over the earth

Have risen up to make

flowers, fruits and new seeds.

This is the food we blessed ones eat.


We’re gathering together

We are many, in one

We think for ourselves

And knowing ourselves

We Love!


Wild and Free.

This Spirit Alive

You can’t break this bright light web

It’s too strong, and too wide.


Eyes that are sparkling and smiling connect

with hands that play music and beat – beat, beat – beat

to the mother rhythm, and the father rhythm

and our deep soul dancing feet.


We’re carving and painting

We’re sitting, meditating

We’re diving, inventing

We’re activating and love-making…


Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

With the light on our face

Every breath we breathe

is another breath for Grace


There’s not an atom or neutron

in this entire universe

that we don’t know is sacred…


So we’re singing up all of it –

the stars and the earth.


You might not have noticed,

but we’ve already changed the world.


Our hearts are alight

with old-new ways re-turning.



More than a billion fires are burning.


 © Yollana Shore 2014

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The Sacred Symphony…


stringsLike an instrument string

I quiver

to the silent sound of your Heart


Longing for the touch

of your gentle hand

to pluck the song from me


That I have been waiting


to sing…


By luck or chance

or holy coincidence…



in this moment now,

I’m tuning to your resonance.


An undulating wave forms

along the songline

of my being


So I follow the note

You wrote

for me

into this

Mysterious melody.


Now infinite harmonies

are spilling out of me.


Oh, let me stay humble and


to this beauty,


So I may always play

in your sacred symphony.


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At the Silent Well

waterwellThe invitation is not casual.

It is at once terrifying and exquisite.

It is beautiful and kind, easy, light, joyous, carefree…

And in the same moment… Sobering.


The dance arises from it.

And the steps are beautiful.

But what gives rise to the movement

is beyond words, more beautiful still.


Stay there… at the silent well…

And let Love move you.


You are already free.

Your dance is just beginning.

Wait and see.

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This is the Magnificence We Burn For…



Listen to this: 

This is the Magnificence…

read by Yollana, with harp by Peter Roberts




Tear my heart

From my throat

And I will stay in your hand

In silence.


I am Nothing

Without You,

Yet I dare not look

At your Beautiful face.


You see through Everything

That I hold dear,

Turning even my sweetest dreams

To ash.


…So now, how can I even be Nothing ?


There is only space

For One of us here.


This is the Magnificence

We burn for…


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When Great Love Moves You…



When Great Love moves you,

don’t give it form.


Instead, stay silent.

And see…


The reality of this existence

is far more holy and fulfilling

than any of our great ideas

could even begin to circumscribe…


Imagine taking a flower

to the feet of a master.

Such a simple, beautiful action.


But don’t imagine it. Discover it happening.


And if it doesn’t happen, find yourself instead

leaving the master to swim in the river.

Such a simple, truthful action.


But don’t imagine it. Discover it happening.


And if it doesn’t happen, find yourself instead

aiming poison darts at the master’s shadow

and killing it with a thousand blows.

Such a simple, powerful action.


But don’t imagine it.

Don’t imagine anything.

Discover instead what is happening right now.


This is far better than any idea of holiness.

This, dear one, is God.


Or shall we call it, Your Great Love…

Already given form.



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http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-pupa-plain-tiger-butterfly-image21862736I have been like a moth

About to break out

Of this cocoon

For at least a thousand years.


I want to cry out

‘Beloved, break me open!

So I can fly for you’…


But I dare not question

This Love’s great wisdom

Which has me wrapped,

Only half released,


From this…


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Just to embrace…


My practice has become

…Just to embrace.


In the face of all the world’s stories

Of yes or no,

Of holy or not so,

I see you in everything.


And somehow, by this holding,

Even the darkest night

becomes luminescent.


This sacred alchemy:

My gift to you

And your gift to me.


just to embrace


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The Everywhere Breeze

Everywhere BreezeNow I remove this cloak of being somebody

and lay down this staff of knowing


I am lower than the ground

and thinner than the air


Of course you cannot see me

I cannot even see myself


But a fresh breeze is blowing

everything free


Intimately everywhere,

now nothing is foreign to me.


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The Gift of Failure



Failure is the gift

that liberates me

from these roles


How can I be


…or lover?

…or teacher?

…or wife?


Surrender is the gift

that liberates me

from Failure


leaving me empty

in the still point




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The Wedding Song

wedding songHere, take my hand

and let’s look deeper.


Deeper than this house and this car

Deeper than these dishes and

that overdue insurance payment.

Deeper even than our child’s snotty nose.


Do you see?

Beneath it all, a silent wind is blowing.


Some unseen hand, it orchestrates

this dance that we call life

that we judge graceful or mundane.


Some precious presence permeates

as we are played, like violins…

harmonic and discordant strings.


By some eternal essence

we are gathered and drawn,

in a rising crescendo

a sound wave of song

and flung back to the shore.


My love, will you listen

and look deeper with me?


Together we might hear and see

how easily the stuff of the world


like dust on the wind

leaving only the holy desert of the Heart.


It is such a simple, subtle step

to turn our senses here

…alone, or when I take your hand…

and find the ground on which we stand.


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