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Full Moon

Once you would have to search far and wide to uncover great wisdom. (Think mountain caves, secret teachings and years of sweeping the temple floor before any knowledge was imparted…)

Now all around me I find spiritual Masters… Enlightened souls doing truly great things. Though they themselves may think little of their work. I meet them in my teachers, my clients, family and friends.

In each of our hearts there is a flame of spiritual wisdom, which inevitably burns through the baggage that we bring, incinerating shame, judgment, greed…

Despite whatever challenges the world is facing, it is the great blessing of our time that this flame burns brighter than ever in so many hearts.

Nothing brings more joy and freshness to my own heart than to sit in conversation with a heart that is open in sincerity, and discover the truth together.

So let me tell you a story about a challenge I have faced this month, and a blessing I discovered inside it.

…And perhaps you have a similar story in your own heart to share:

My two year old son has, it seems to me, been taking particular delight in pushing the boundaries and pushing my buttons.

I wouldn’t say he hates the word No. No, lately, it’s more like he loves it. He sees my jaw clench, my blood beginning to rise, and his eyes begin to twinkle with delight. Oh, the magnificent power of it! To elicit a response like that in a tired, stressed and overwhelmed mummy. It’s his little secret. He knows how to make me roar.

About the evolutionary priority of a two year old…

If I didn’t know better, I would call him heartless or manipulative. But I do know better: Empathy and compassion are not the highest evolutionary priority of a growing two year old. He’s busy discovering himself, learning to identify and articulate his own wants, needs and desires. Moments of compassion and concern for others are not ungenuine. But they are not particularly deep either. And they are definitely not consistent.

And the evolutionary priority of a parent…

As much as his poking and pushing drives me crazy, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s actually a hidden blessing inside…

What if empathy and compassion were the evolutionary priority for his parents. Or at least for me?

…What if the challenges he embodies are exactly the gift that my soul is calling for? To know a deeper calm, a stronger steadfastness? Indeed, to soften and feel my own grace in the face of these triggers?

To me, this humble possibility has great power.

And now for the blessing…

Full Moon woman with arms raised for a blessing What if the challenges that face you are also nurturing special qualities within you?

What gifts might each challenge hold?

Look deeper and see if you can recognise the hidden blessings already being bestowed in your life.

… And will you share with me your story?

Perhaps it wasn’t in parenting, but in business, or love, a creative project or your spiritual unfolding… What challenges have you faced this month, and what blessing can you see in them to receive and celebrate now?



5 Responses

  1. Sue Kearney says:

    Hey gorgeous, I love this post.

    There are many challenges for me these days (as you know!). Today I got asked a question by a client that, in the past, I’ve always answered with a lie. It concerns the markup I put on printing I buy for my clients. Because of an old old old confrontation with a past client accusing me of bad motives, I have for years concluded that the only answer is to conceal the fees I charge for project management and my modest profit.

    Today, I liberated myself from these old beliefs that deceit is my only option and I was completely calm, steadfast, and 100% transparent in my response.

    Guess what? My beautiful client didn’t even flinch. Seems like I’m attracting a different kind of client in my practice now. Who knows? Maybe all this work I’ve been doing, inviting Love into all situations, even (especially?) the icky uncomfortable ones, is paying off.

    Thank you for sharing your Full Moon blessing!

    Love and light,
    Sue Kearney recently posted..Celebrating the fruits of the first harvest

  2. yollana says:

    What a wonderful story Sue… Thanks for sharing! xx

  3. Sue Kearney says:

    Oh, and here’s something that, if not useful right now in the No! stage, will come in handy, I promise, as soon as No! morphs into long tedious never-ending argument.

    It’s one word and one word only. As in child rants on and on about how and why you should give in to his POV. The word is “Bummer.” And then you walk away. Or change the subject. I learned this when my daughter was a teen and hooboy I wish I had learned it earlier.

    Sue Kearney recently posted..What happens when you stop settling and start saying No to the work that doesn’t fit?

  4. Linda Bell says:

    I was wondering what laughing at him would do – not so much AT him – but pointing out how you see “his eyes begin to twinkle with delight” and call his game in a jokingly, funny way that relaxes the tension – and helps him realize you’ve spotted his game? I don’t have kids so have no idea – but used to do this with my partner and I believe it got us through many of our ‘potential conflictual plays’ in this way.

  5. yollana says:

    Hey Linda,

    Yes! Laughing helps a lot with my partner too! Sometimes not at first while an issue is still really sensitive… But definitely there’s a point where it really is a great medicine. With small children laughter is the kind of reaction that just delights them… and hence is a pretty good incentive to repeat the action and see if it will get the same response. For this reason I’ve actually tried to hold back quite a few laughs – sometimes unsuccessfully – so as not to encourage the little guy!

    THe whole thing is quite laughable really!