The Power of Gentleness

Have you noticed that things have been pretty intense lately?

In your emotional and spiritual life, I mean. In my own life… and that of my family, friends and clients, I’m blown away at how consistently everything has been so… hard. I’m blessed to associate with a lot of conscious people who are aware of the blessings in all of life’s challenges. So most would agree that – in essence – it’s a good kind of hard. Yet we’ve been facing fears that are deeper, resistances that are stronger, vulnerabilities that are more tender… than anything we’ve faced before.

What makes awakening so hard?

If you are also experiencing this, you may feel like your spirit actually welcomes and celebrates these challenges… Because you are finally seeing through the old and deep beliefs, habits and patterns that no longer serve you, and recognising that it is time to let them go… and to live from a place of deeper love, more connected to the divine within and more free and present in each moment. Yet, when your heart opens wide to soar in grace and freedom, your physical body may resist. Our souls love to dance with The Great Mystery. Yet our physical and emotional body… our thinking mind… our inner child… our very humanhuman nature… is simply afraid – even terrified – of the unknown. I’ve noticed, in myself at least, how this difference can cause an internal conflict which I suspect is a part of what makes intense healing and awakening so hard.

And adding fuel to the fire…

When you are on a spiritual journey, struggling with your own demons, the voices in your head don’t help. The part of you that longs for freedom can seem to judge the part of you that longs for safety: You’re too attached. You’re a coward. You should be more evolved. I can’t believe your still working on this same old issue! Meanwhile, the part of you that longs for safety can resist and judge the part that longs for Freedom: I can’t do this.  I’m not enough.  You should be more present. That’s just your ego talking anyway!Is it just me… Or do you recognise these voices?

Gentleness is such a powerful key here.

When you are gentle with yourself, these voices inevitably become softer. There’s more space for all that you are. The parts that long for freedom or safety each can find their place within an embrace of gentleness. And you can be tender, vulnerable, resistant, struggling, hopeful, crazy, imperfect… Basically, you can be human. Living life. Challenges and all. Be gentle with yourself. And if you’re struggling, get support. You are more than worthy of it. Love Yollana



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