Happy New Year, beloved!

This December full moon, as 2012 draws to a close I give thanks for the extraordinary year this has been, with all its gifts and challenges (which, it turns out, were also gifts 🙂 ).

It’s a year that, for me at least, has been far from comfortable. And yet how could I regret a single moment? Somehow, finding myself in the difficult moments has allowed me to learn freshly what is true and real… Beyond my fantasy of what is liked or wanted or preferred. And this is a great gift.

Of course, it’s wonderful to be happy, flowing, connected, blessed and joyous. And thank god these experiences happen… to all of us… at some time or another. In these moments, it is easy to feel a part of the divine everything.

Yet when life has me feeling scattered, disconnected, separate, frustrated or sad… I have often asked myself, “What’s wrong with me?” … In addition to the simple discomfort of the very human experience, there is the feeling that I have somehow fallen from grace… lost my way somewhere on the path of divine.

But what’s clear to me now, is we can’t lose our way. Not you, nor I. Nobody can.

When we think, even subconsciously, that these happy, connected feelings are “good” and the frustrated, disconnected feelings are “bad”, we appear to stop the flow of grace. In fact, we haven’t stopped it. It can’t be stopped! We have simply failed to recognize the grace that is here.

It doesn’t always show up happy.

So, yes, 2012 has been full of blessings and discomfort for me. And what I now know for sure, is that in all of these experiences, the beautiful, deep rightness of the divine essence has never been far away. In fact, it’s always been closer than my ideas of what’s okay.

So, dear one, this is my Christmas gift to you – a conviction that whatever happened for you in 2012… it was grace. And whatever you do or attempt in 2013, you cannot put a step wrong!

Happy New Year, beloved!


ps… How does this post land for you? Does it make sense, or do you feel differently?  Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.



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  1. Yes, this makes so very much sense Yollana. It was an intensely challenging year — and it was a year full of grace, replete with possibility in each soul-opening moment.
    Tracie Nichols recently posted..I confess…year-end reviews just don’t work for me…

  2. Peter says:

    I hold the conviction too that we are held. Far out and way beyond our knowing we are held and comforted. We are safe and all is well.
    I commend your intentions through this ste Yolanda
    Kind regards

  3. yollana says:

    Ah… Somehow in the New Year frenzy, I missed these comments… Thank you Peter 🙂

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