My heart compass knows it’s north

fountainI came to your orchard

lured by the promise of grapes and wine.


When I arrived, I saw my folly

there were no grapes, or wine

and no point in seeking them either.


But then you pointed me to a fountain

a wellspring within

with water so sweet that my whole life opened

in one breath.


And I realised that this thirst for grapes and wine

could hardly be foolish

After all, it led me here…


It seems this heart-compass you gave me

knows its true north well.



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  1. Eric Brown says:

    Beautifully said about ‘the heart knowing it’s north’. So often I’ve worried what “direction” I’m going, always to find whether it looks the way I imagined or not, or if it is completely unknown… my heart is always guiding me exactly where I need to be. Learning the lessons I need and at my deepest level of Being… actually WANT! To rise up like a lotus from the murky bottom, to open up to the light of the sun.

  2. yollana says:

    Ah, thank you. Beautifully said yourself, Eric! 🙂

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