I Stand.


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I Stand

I stand

against the skyline.


I stand

upon the earth.


I breathe

this air that trees made.


As every cell expands,

I stand.



I am a cell of Gaia

I’m formed of love and soil.


I move where spirit goes

Where my life’s river flows, I flow


Born of the One Great Ocean,

No thing is separate from me.

We’re stardust on a silver sea.


Waves cresting in the moonlight

Turbulent, our collective flight.



I am self organising.

I face what comes my way,


from new born child smiling

to corporation terrorising,



it all returns to Grace.



So I stand.


Too right, I’m spiritual.

Sure as heck I’m awake.


I stand, and I am not afraid to stand

in battlefield or market place.


I stand and thread my arrow.

I aim right for the tigers eye.


I shoot and Darkness falls to earth.

I’m dark and yet I stand for Light.



I stand against the skyline.

I stand upon the earth.


I stand for love and healing.

I stand for our world rebirthed.


I stand for justice, freedom, peace at last

and Oneness. We are not apart.



I stand tall and surrendered.

I never had a choice.


Born right into this moment,

I stand so you can hear my voice.



The River flows.

No one knows

from where we came

or where we’ll go.


But here I am

and now I am.

Though there’s no word

for who I am.


I’m infinite. I’m human.

I am here

and here I stand.


© Yollana Shore 2014



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  1. Victoria says:

    Gorgeous. Very simple, true and empowering. Thank you. Standinding worked! 😉

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