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And now for something different…

In this Inspirations series I’ll be sharing some stuff that’s been lighting up for me this month.

I hope you enjoy! If there’s a video or article you’d like to share, please feel free to post a link in the comments, and we can inspire each other!

Hear Me Now: A song from The Green Children

This song speaks to me on a number of levels… It helps me broaden my awareness, and to connect with women in India – and other places – who are living in poverty but whose hearts are subject to the same joys and sorrows as mine. It reminds me that we are part of an interconnected whole. And I love how Milla tackles a problem – the great economic divide – by bringing music, inspiration, joy and hope to it!

…Could your business do with some broadening of awareness? Is there a big problem that you could be tackling with music, joy and hope?

Soccer Freestyle

This might not be your thing, but it’s something that I love – watching young people throw themselves into art, dance, drama or sport (or a mash up of the lot!) with passion and enthusiasm.

…Could your business do with some youthful passion and energy?

In the Light of Love – A Tribute to Japan

A new song by Miten and Deva Premal was dedicated to Japan after the Earthquakes and Tsunamis that caused so much devastation. At the end of the video is a letter which was written by a woman living in Sendai at the time of the disaster. Her words speak to my own experience of local crises – that undistorted human nature is kind, loving and caring. In a crisis, we will look after each other. The community spirit will shine through.

…Is there an Offering in your business that you would like to dedicate to a cause that is close to your heart? How are the connections in your business community? Is your business connecting with your local community? And is there a crisis – little or big – in your life or business that needs love, kindness and community?

That’s all from the Inspirations post today.

Remember: If there’s something that’s inspiring you, please share it with the rest of us in the comment box below!

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