Who Am I?

In essence, I am the love that is inseparable.

Like you, I am a part of the creative source that gives rise to all that is and is yet to be. I am a drop in the ocean of infinite presence. And my soul calls me constantly back into an awareness of my own essence, and that from which I have arisen.


In a more everyday sense, my name is Yollana and I live a blessed life. I live in the hills of Northern New South Wales, on the east coast of Australia. I am blessed with a daughter and son, a loving husband, and the presence my mother who shares our home with us. We live in a house with many windows on a property where the sky paints masterpieces at sunset, crickets sing at night, and I can see the stars. Our home community which supports our values in caring for the natural world.


By the grace of the internet, my work here and with Heart of Business allows me to connect deeply with sincere, soulful and heart-centered individuals all over the world, and together we dive back to the source of our being to find solutions to the challenges of living a soulful life and growing a business that aligns with such.


Of course, my life is not free of challenges. But at the core of them all for me is one true challenge. That is: how to live truly, deeply connected to the calling of my soul – in every moment – as it arises directly from the source of all that is to inform every aspect of my worldly life.


My purpose in this site is to deepen and share in this inquiry, as well as to share the creative expressions that are born from this inquiry… insights about love and nature. Music and poetry. And anything else that arises.


If your soul calls you so, I invite you to join me. Let’s stay connected and inspire each other as we deepen and share in the discovery of who we are and what we bring.