Joint Marketing Of Hatching Eggs May Be Interesting

‘Should we, as propagators, jointly set up our hatching eggs?’ The market developments for hatching eggs are poor and the cost price is rising. New technologies such as data sharing but also years of requested information from feedback results from the broilers can increase the balance and the quality of the day-old chicks.

The breeders asked themselves at the meeting in Lent during the discussion with the steering group for rearing and propagation of LTO / NOP and NVP.

Sick earnings model:

The surplus stocks at the propagators remain considerably behind in the past four years compared to those of the broiler farmers. Propagation is a risky industry but the risk is not paid. “Do you have ai or salmonella?

Then the hatchery is gone, that’s what it says in the contract “, one of the propagators said. With an investment of over 12 euros per chicken, you have to run a technically excellent couple to earn something. The risk is not paid.

The number of buyers is limited and the number of providers is many times greater. Every propagator acts for himself. “Bank and feed advisors are trained to sell, we as a propagator not.

Should we jointly employ a commission agent who arranges the sale for us and professionalizes it in sales “, was a question from a propagator? A large number of propagators agreed with this. Producing below the cost price results in less innovation and reduces the lead that the Dutch propagation sector has in the world.

Price quotation:

Eric Hubers, chairman LTO / NOP, and poultry farmer indicated that the egg market had a positive impulse from the listing NOP target price 2.0. The NOP / NVP listing for hatching eggs is now published weekly. This is fixed and is now 17.80 cents per hatching egg, far below the cost price. “A really paid hatching price, collected from all propagators, would be better and less doubtful,” was the remarks from the audience.

Broiler farmers want a better chick but they will have to pay for it. Multipliers are jumping for dates of dropout first week but receive little that does not stimulate extra investments for quality. “Let the passing of data into the contract with the incubator” was a tip from a propagator.

The Steering Group rearing and propagation LTO / NOP and NVP will continue to pick up these suggestions and see what the possibilities and wishes are.

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