When to let it rest…

Have you ever had the experience of powering along in your business, then suddenly running out of steam before the project’s complete? Do you push on through, or give up and lose interest?

Neither option is really very satisfying, is it?.

A key skill to success in your business is knowing how to ride the wave of momentum when it’s carrying you, and knowing what to do when you come sliding onto the shore.

The Universe breathes in and out

Here’s the thing. Everything expands and contracts… From the universe, to the smallest atom. The tide comes in, and goes out again.  Flowers open to the sun, and close as night falls. You breathe in and out, with a momentary pause before the next breath. It’s natural.

Inspiration, flow, rest.

Inspiration, flow, rest. This is the creative cycle. With inspiration, like an in-breath, you are filled with possibilities, ideas and the clarity to move forward. Following inspiration, there is an outward flow, like an out-breath, of action and implementation. And when the flow is finished, there is stillness. Rest.

What can be frustrating and confusing about this cycle is that it may complete itself before your project is complete. Let me give an example.  A client of mine had been working on her new business. She knew what she wanted to offer, she had identified who she wanted to work with, and how she would deliver it. When she arrived at her new office space, even the where was crystal clear.

So, it was time to get started, right?

No. She found herself paralysed. She literally could not begin. She had no energy to start spreading the word about her new business and attracting clients – even though this had been exactly what she had been working towards. And she was confused. Was this procrastination? Should she push through it? Or was her longing to rest now a deep inner calling that she could trust and follow?

What you need to know…

There are two things she needed to know.

1. You can complete an inspiration cycle before completing a project. And if this happens, then yes – it’s natural to rest at the end of a cycle. But don’t give up on the project. Rather, wait for the next round of inspiration, flow and rest to carry you through the next phase. And, if you are serious about your project, you will want to wait in the most active sense of the word. If you actively make space and time to be very still, and very open, the inspiration will come.

2. Life is rest. Rest doesn’t always mean sleep. The nature of life is rest. Beneath all the busyness that we see in our world, there is an essential stillness… a quiet foundation of Rest, from which everything else arises. Open to it, and you can allow it to nourish you in all your activity – whether moving or still.

So with these two keys, like my client, you can allow yourself to rest into the natural pause in your momentum, letting it be the ground from which a new wave of inspiration, flow and rest comes. And – if you really must ‘do’ stuff in the pause – then see if you can find a way to embrace the quality of rest within the action.

When you align your actions with your own soul cycles, you can ultimately be more productive and more efficient… Not to mention more inspired and rested!



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