Love’s most precious little star

Little Star

My heart bursts open

as wide as the stars

just lying here

with you in my arms


your gentle breath

your soft soft skin

what worlds unfold

in that dream you are in?


Even awake, I cannot quite fathom

all the great mysteries you hold

…inside the self

that your life is unfolding


But you mirror to me

the simplest needs

to love, to touch, to play and be free

to be held when you cry, to ‘fight for what’s mine’


how beautiful you are..

Love’s most precious little star




It’s school holidays here and the change in rhythm has given me a chance to slow down a little and find some really tender moments with my kids… So that, instead of meeting on the surface of our lives, I can feel our deeper souls meeting…

It was one such moment that inspired this poem.

What about you, is there someone (or two) in your life who you’re just meeting on the surface? If your soul could speak to them, what would it say?



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  1. Brendan says:

    How beautiful YOU are Yo, thanks for the wonderful and timely inspiration. Big love from a little campervan parked on a beach across the ditch. Hope to catch you soon x B&S&F&S

  2. Evan says:

    I think I would tell them: Healing is possible for you.
    Evan recently posted..A Playful Approach to Goals and Planning

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