Living is an Art Form… But is your Business?

Living is an Art form.

soul business cornflakes

the cornflakes - some even spilled out onto the carpet.

So says a very funky little hip hop tune written by my friend Mattriks, in his album Made Outta Motion from Mind Heart Media. It’s a great concept for musicians, poets and philosophers. Rather more troublesome for parents and business people, I think.

At least that’s what I thought this morning at 6.30am as I swept up the cornflakes that my 4 year old daughter had thrown all over artistically placed on the floor while I was having a shower.

The problem I have is not that she did it.

It’s that, being part musician, poet and philosopher myself, I kind of liked it.

I couldn’t help thinking how beautifully artistic it was. And I hated having to play the grown up, telling her sternly that it’s not okay to throw food all over the floor, that now she wouldn’t be able to eat cornflakes tomorrow because she’d thrown them all away. (I know mum – you can buy some more at the shop!) And no, it’s not okay to just buy more because they cost money and – well, it’s just not okay to decorate mess up the floor with cornflakes!

There are two sides to every coin.

The truth is that part of me, like my daughter, knows that living is an art form – and loves to play! And this part finds it easy to accept when things get messy. That, afterall, is part of the process when making art.

And another part of me thinks in straight lines and shoulds. She likes things tidy. And can only see the beauty in neat. Not the beauty in messy. This part of me can get things done, but she also gets tense easily and can stress out about stuff.

So what does this mean for you and your business?

Well, it’s about how we deal with the messy and the unexpected.

What happens if someone throws cornflakes all over the floor of your business this morning?

If you can think of living as an art form, and your business as an extension of that, it can be easier to accept the unexpected, and get on with the clean up when things get messy.

“But that doesn’t help with my real problem!”

Right. So, in your business, the real problem might be a lot more serious than cornflakes on the floor- like to do with your bank balance, the bills you owe, or some legal kerfuffle you got yourself into.

No, thinking like an artist doesn’t solve that problem directly. But neither, necessarily, does thinking like a control freak or a stress-head. If you tend toward either of those (as I sometimes do), then thinking  like an artist might just help a little.

When living is an art form, everything is beautiful. Everything has a purpose. And everything has a place. If thinking like that about your latest business drama helps you to relax, that’s a real good start.

Relaxing allows you to lighten up, to laugh, and to think outside the square.

And that may indeed help you to solve a real problem.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Check it out for yourself.

So what kind of business problem do you have, that looks like someone just took a whole packet of cornflakes and tipped them all over your floor? And what happens to that problem when you think of living as art form?



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  1. Shona says:

    I’m working with someone who IS a ‘stress-head’ … supposedly recovering from a breakdown caused by being a ‘super-controller’ (that means keeping secrets about what you are doing and making sure everyone knows how right you are and they aren’t – read ‘she is’ and ‘I’m not’!). I had to firmly tell her last week that being critical was unnecessary, and she was overstepping the boundaries. It seemed to have worked. She is starting to share a little more!!