Love, Truth, This Moment Now…

On Love…

Yes, all Love is here.

Already existing within and around you.

Surrounding you completely.

Sometimes love has an uncomfortable face.

Yet this discomfort is only the friction of love meeting itself through yourself.

The heart hurts.

Sometimes this is how Love answers our prayers…

Even in this, you are held, you are safe, you are deeply, deeply loved.

Love is always giving deeply to us.


On This Moment, Now…

Poised at the crest of this moment

I surrender my grasp

I cannot seek more excitement and joy

I cannot protect any stability or peace

my whole life is in your hands

you will take care of me.


On Surrender and Trust…

I have been dropped here

into the Heart of God

where nothing really makes sense anymore

Yet the fabric is woven

before me

within me

by the hands of the One

in whose great skill I trust.


On Truth…

Truth spoken freely

finds its mark

with all who care to listen (including the speaker)

even if it takes great courage to reveal

and doesn’t make sense at all.


It finds its target in the heart of each listener.

So even as each soul is unique,

requiring something different,

we receive something different

and are transformed in our own way.


The Unity of truth lies not in the appearance

of how it is received

but in the coherence of deep transformation

as separate parts

find their way back to wholeness.



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