There’s music in my heart

And I want to share it with you!


These songs are an expression of my soul calling…

And, I hope, an inspiration to yours.


The Timeless Heart


Audio MP3

I started writing this song as a poem when I was 12 after I kissed a boy, in the meditation room at my fathers house (of all places!)

It’s funny how things turn out though. Over the years, again and again, falling in love – as silly and simple as it seems – has opened my heart to the beauty and mystery of life and … ultimately, to the divine Beloved in everything.

Years later, I returned to those words and recognised the power of love – even the childish passing love between a boy and a girl – as a doorway into timelessness. The rest of the lyrics have, I hope, brought some balance to the romantic opening of the song and shown that actually there are many doors into the timeless heart.

I should also say, this is my very first effort at producing a song myself. I sang the melody and chorus, played the guitar, organ, drum and rainstick and recorded all the tracks on garageband on my mac. I know it’s not perfect, and ultimately, I would love to bring a professional producer on board whose skill is in recording, mixing and tightening the layers of audio track.

For now, though, I’ll not let this get in the way of sharing the song with you, so you can enjoy the lyrics and the transmission that I hope this song carries.

Love Yollana