New Law Set To Emerge FromUae Ministry To Curb Abuse Of Antibiotices

Emerging health legislation set to regulate the abuse and self-prescription of antibiotics:

The Ministry of Health is currently working on new health legislation to halt “dangerous practice” of dispensing antibiotics without physicians’ prescription, said a top official on Saturday.

The Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing, Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, said the emerging legislation is in regards to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) reports on the predominance of the threats bacterial resistance pose to antibiotics, due to varying changes in bacteria that render antibiotics less effective, ultimately leading to major public health challenges.

Dr. Al Amiri added that between 50 and 80 percent of germs have nurtured phenomenal resistance to antibiotics, and can lead to immunocompromise, according to the global report.

Death from complications:

According to reports, 700,000 people die annually worldwide from such complications.
The WHO has thus allocated November 16 to 22 of every year as World Awareness Week on Antibiotics, as the intervention against indiscriminate use of antibiotics.
More so, the UAE Health Ministry is currently preparing new legislation to curb misconducts pertaining to the use of antibiotics.
Therefore, all pharmacies must operate by the rules and local regulations.

which governs their operation in the country:

He added that the Ministry will conduct intensive supervision, alongside local authorities, across 2,400 private pharmacies to ensure the upholding of stipulated rules.
More so, Doctors would be sensitized on the need for strictness with the prescription of antibiotics for specific infections, to prevent their abuse by users.
Avoiding risk from misuse

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In the Ministry’s effort to further awareness on the importance of rationalizing the consumption of antibiotics by users and its possible risks, Dr. Al Amiri strongly warned users against the use of antibiotics without a proper physician’s prescription.
He registered the need for strict adherence to therapeutic protocols during prescription, to curb re-emergence of infections and the development of resistant strains.

Antibiotics resistance:

The increasing antibiotic resistance is now a global crisis which could return us to the pre-penicillin era of the 1920s, where even the mildest infection could be fatal, says WHO.
If antibiotic effectiveness is completely lost, then the foundations of modern medicine; based on our ability to treat infections, would be threatened.

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