New Moon Clearing

The moon is waning to dark, fresh and new… and once again I find myself decluttering until late in the night.

I sometimes feel ashamed about the piles of clutter that inevitably amass in corners and surfaces all over our house.

…Perhaps I’m not the only one?

It’s a funny thing though. Clutter is overwhelming. And overwhelm is very tiring. Many times, I have begun an evening like this feeling exhausted… Like I’m surely good for bed and nothing else. And yet when I finally find a place to start, and begin to face just one little pile of clutter – clearing, sorting, cleaning – I find myself feeling, refreshed and renewed … as if waves of energy are being released every time I let go of something. Or put something else in it’s place.

It’s such a wonderful feeling that of course I’m compelled to do more. And pretty soon I’ve clutter-busted half the house or more.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned

…from flowing with the clearing energy on a new moon:

I don’t have to be free of clutter all the time. Clearing clutter takes time and sometimes I have other priorities. Like giving a clingy two year old extra attention. Or making time to connect with my husband. Or preparing for a class I’m teaching later in the week. I can own this context, rather than feel bad or ashamed for not sorting, cleaning or clearing things sooner.

– If I tune in with the natural rhythms around me, like the waning-into-new moon, I will probably find it easier to get started, and keep going.

The most important thing is to start. Somewhere. Anywhere. As hard to believe as it may seem, when I’m looking at a mountain of clutter: Once I get going, I’ll start freeing up new sources of energy, and I’ll probably enjoy it so much that I won’t want to stop!

Call a friend. I’m a big believer in not making things harder than they have to be. For me clearing, sorting and cleaning happen much more easily when I have someone else to reality-check with… Do I really need to do this or can I let go now?

Today I am grateful for this strange and mysterious process where I am supported to face that thing I have avoided, and in that facing, I find myself released, energised and free.

While each star shines bright

And a moon sliver rises

I dance with the night.

~ This is a Haiku I wrote when I was 15. (Isn’t is sweet? I’d actually lost my old poetry book, but there’s another benefit of some deep cleaning… old treasures re-emerge!)

May you flow with the cleansing rhythms of the moon today.

… and will you let me know how this post lands with you?



4 Responses

  1. Sue Kearney says:

    Love this, thank you!

    “…another benefit of some deep cleaning… old treasures re-emerge!”

    Yes, and another piece of this for me is that I see my old treasures better, with more impact, when I’ve cleared some space around them.

    Love and light,
    Sue Kearney recently posted..What happens when you stop settling and start saying No to the work that doesn’t fit?

  2. David says:

    Hi Yollana,

    It’s really interesting that you bring this topic of “decluttering” up. Recently I’m seeing more and more clients in my clinic suffering from mental health conditions that I put down to the “clutter” in their lives.

    During our therapy sessions, I ask them to make a conscious effort to clear out the clutter at home. This was inspired by the minimalist movement that has undertaken research linking clutter with levels of unhappiness… and we are seeing some excellent results.

    Perhaps it is no coincidence that the rise in mental health conditions happens to overlap with our era of advertising, media, and mass consumption.

    David recently posted..The Benefits Of Exercise On Mental Health & Wellbeing

  3. yollana says:

    David, thanks so much for this comment – That is fascinating that there is actual research linking clutter with levels of unhappiness! If you write about it on your own blog, be sure to post a link here… I’d love to hear more about the research, and your experience in your clinic. Love Yollana

  4. Linda Bell says:

    Research or not – I am very clutter-affected. When my desk starts to pile up – my motivation and productivity levels drop. I shall be counting 14 days after every full moon now – to attack the clutter (make use of the sleepless nights I occasionally have when I can’t raise my thoughts above – the clutter.) Enjoying your blogs immensely – thanks Yollana