Organizations – Reintegration & Absenteeism In Career

Reintegration & absenteeism:

Sick employees have a significant impact on the organization. The workload of direct colleagues is increasing, suddenly everything has to be arranged and a solution is being sought. Especially if the employee will be out of service for a long time, there is a lot involved. What you have to comply with the law, the rules, with which parties you will have to deal with.

Guidance reintegration and Gatekeeper Act:

With good reintegration support from your employee during illness, you help him/her to return to work. This is possible within the own organization (1st track). or to other work outside the organization. 2nd track). You switch to an external party. For example, if the work is no longer suitable and there are no possibilities to re-integrate with you. This requires a lot of time and effort, knowledge of the rules such as the Gatekeeper Act, the force field and possibilities.

Folkestone knows which party does what and who needs to be turned on when. We take care of the reintegration support of the employee. Thinking along, are also sparring partners so that the right things happen at the right time and meet the legal obligations. UWV-proof and the employee offer perspective again. Inside or outside the organization.

Reintegration support 2nd track:

Need 2nd track for reintegration support? Even then you can go to Folkestone. We accompany the 2nd track. We have an intake with the employee, draw up a plan of action and the reports. We do this in a transparent manner and link back where necessary so that you keep track of the progress and the results. We do what is necessary and more.

With all the associated steps, in accordance with the Gatekeeper Act and UWV-proof. We help both the employee and the organization and provide a solution. This includes looking for a reintegration place, finding a job or starting your own business. To achieve these goals, we actively use our network. Proactive, decisive and involved. An approach that is important. It helps prevent wage penalties. And that saves a lot of time, costs and unnecessary hassle.

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