Sometimes experience

is hard to describe


Yet Sometimes

where everyday words fail,

poetry can capture the essence


And so it can be shared…


The Poetess…

There’s a Poettess who lives

in a cottage by the sea

The wind whispers to her secrets,

lifting her hair, silently.

And the waves, too, as they wash her feet.


She carries them all in the ocean of her heart

Thoughts unthought flash like fishes in the deep

Words like boats that travel along her currents; Storylines.

And she, the fisherwoman, waiting on a single line of love…

wondering where she will feel the tug.


Then the muse, like a master seamstress with the finest needle

She gathers the threads, ribbons and tales,

weaves them together, knots and bows.


Only she knows where each storyline goes.

Only she knows.


And you. You have your own ocean,

with fishes and boats and waves.

And you, you read her poems

like secrets on the page.


And perhaps you are also waiting

on a single line of love…


To see what tugs.

What tugs?



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