Through the Portal of Presence…

Enter the Temple of Love.


Here you might

unbutton your clothes

and reveal your naked body


…but I, for one, will not be satisfied.

And you will find yourself still here on the step,

locked outside.


This nakedness conceives the world

but is not the creatrix of Love.


So now that you are here,

why not go all the way?


And unbutton the stories

that you have used

to hold the world at bay.


And unbutton the language you use

when you feel afraid.


And unbutton the veil

that you lay across your heart

just in case

just in case

just in case

…you were betrayed.


And unbutton the pretty mask

that you wore to save your face.


Now if you have the courage, my love

Unbutton the future

and the past

And like this, shed all the layers.


If you really want to come in,

there is only one way.


And it’s Now. 

and now

and now

and now

…through the portal of presence

where Love is made.


Beloved, the door is open.

Come in.

Your True Love awaits.



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