Is this really overwhelm?

If you were to ask me anytime recently how I am, I might have replied that I am exhausted and overwhelmed…

working two businesses, parenting, maintaining land and animals, renovating… It’s been rare that I’ve made it to bed before midnight this last week.

… Yet I hesitate to commit myself to this statement: I am exhausted and overwhelmed…. Why?

Well, you know, it’s just not the whole truth. I’m also feeling so deeply pleased, grateful, rich and full… with my work, children, partner, creativity, spirituality, friends and finances – just to name a few!

When I bring my attention to the present moment. Like right now. Fully. Rivet my attention here… That which seemed overwhelming is no longer so.

In the here and now, a spaciousness expands around me and I am spontaneously, naturally aware of the privilege and grace that fills my life.

What about you?

No matter what you are wrestling with in your personal or professional or domestic life… No matter what overarching themes might be weighing you down… No matter what the facts of your day or week or month…

I’m curious: When you bring all your attention here and now, what happens?

Please, share your experience in the comments below.



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  1. Fiona Leiper says:

    When I bring all my attention to the here and now I am free of any burdens.
    In there here and now everything is simple & uncomplicated, & forgiving.
    There are no concerns about what I should be doing, what I’m not doing, what I wish I hadn’t done, what so and so did that upset me, none of it is in the space of the here and now when I am willing to Let Go and Be here and now.
    I practice Open Heart Meditation and it is the most simple of practices and I would love to share it with you and anyone who happens to pass this way πŸ™‚
    Let go of all your agendas … close your eyes …. relax … smile to your heart …. then touch your heart (the heart chakra heart in the centre of your chest) keep on smiling to your heart and keep on relaxing without thinking why or how.
    I love being in the here and now. There is an abundance of blessings and I find myself melting with gratitude.
    Thank You so much for your sharing Yollana. I’m so happy your life is so nourishing.
    An after thought … Here and Now is a great phrase for it implies a stillness but also the next moment of creation and I do believe we are both beings and doings. It is in our divine nature to create from and within each moment.
    If you say it a little bit like this … Here … and Now? Here … and Now? … Here

  2. yollana says:

    Thank you for sharing this meditation, Fiona… Your sweetness with it exudes from your comment.

    And yes, I love the simple distinction you speak of… being and doing… acceptance and longing… here… and now πŸ™‚

    Love Yollana

  3. Holly Woods says:

    Yollana, I completely resonate with this post. When asked today if I felt overwhelmed or exhausted, I had to tap deep within and realize for the first time in months, and especially years, I don’t. I am inspired, excited, touched, honored, blessed. If overwhelmed, it is only by the love that is available and how deeply that moves me to keep stretching and creating.

    Thank you for being part of that love. Blessings to you.
    Holly Woods recently posted..Get Rid of the Stress that’s Killing You

  4. yollana says:

    I am so glad to hear this, Holly! πŸ™‚

  5. maria says:

    Thankyou Yollana for your positive and kind perspective on life. I am not sure I feel overwhelmed, but perhaps more underwhelmed. Right here and right now, just focussing on the breath, I am at peace.

  6. yollana says:

    Beautiful, Maria. So simple.

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