Are you taking care of the most important thing in your business?

Okay, so my strong intention to produce a weekly blog article has, well, um, faltered.

I have a good excuse, of course. In fact a number of them. But I had a big wakeup call the other day when I attended a workshop which one of my readers was also attending. She said to me, “I’m so glad to see you here. I haven’t been receiving your emails lately… And I was beginning to worry about you!

Yikes! Here was I, complacently thinking that an extra week here or there wouldn’t make much difference. Isn’t it funny how we can talk ourselves into insignificance!

What really matters (online)…

You know, my web developer always tells me that on the internet, and on your website “Content is King.”

Wanna know what he means?

Online, many people will try to tell you or sell you a million ways to make money on the internet, increase your google rankings, drive traffic to your site, etc. But the bottom line is that the search engines, and the humans, who surf the internet, are looking for original, valuable information. Content. (Second to that, the search engines at least are looking for links from and to other sites, number of clicks, etc.)

So, yes, now you know. Producing weekly articles not only helps me connect with you. It also increases my google ranking.

What really matters in business…

I hope you’re not feeling upset about that revelation, because here’s the reason I’m bringing it up. In business, it’s relationships that matter most. It’s a case of “Relationships Rule. (And websites, and their content are simply the chariots that carry the real King and Queen of the land.)

5 Keys to a healthy business

But it’s not quite that simple, is it! If only there were only one thing we needed to do to keep our businesses afloat! Since recovering from a rocky first trimester (if you’re a new reader – yes, I’m pregnant), I’ve been working in and on my business at a number of levels:

  • Working in my business launching a new soul-centred business coaching program, my client load has increased dramatically.
  • Working on my business developing new marketing materials (to let you all know what I’m doing) and exploring opportunities for collaborative partnerships.
  • And working on the systems that support my business. Actually, this is one of those jobs that I probably would have relegated to the bottom of the priority pile for another year or two if both my PC and laptop hard drives hadn’t crashed in the space of two weeks. (No backup. Major freakout! Thankfully most of the data is recovered and we are implementing good backup systems. It’s been incredibly time-consuming, but absolutely essential.)
  • And of course I’ve also been looking after the things that support me: my daughter, husband, home and my own personal growth and wellbeing.

Finally, my friend’s comment at the workshop woke me up to a hugely important area of my business that I’d been neglecting:

  • Taking care of business relationships.

If that list feels overwhelming to you, please… Take a moment to stop and breathe. You only ever have to do one thing in each moment. And in this moment, I’m inviting you to reflect on how are you balancing the various aspects of working in your business, working on your business, working on the systems that support your business, and the systems that support you personally. And, are you also making space to nurture and care for your business relationships?

Perhaps, like me, you’ve sometimes been able to talk yourself into insignificance. But the truth is more likely the opposite: You matter. Your business matters. Where are the people who care about you and what you are doing... ? They are waiting to hear from you. How can you connect with them?



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