Save Time And Money When Booking Business Trips

Secretaries who book business trips often spend a lot of time searching for suitable times and prices. How do you know that the price of a flight ticket is the most advantageous if you book via the internet yourself? And how do you find the most favorable flight route, so that your supervisor loses as little waiting and/or switching time as possible and as a result arrives as quickly as possible at your destination?

Through the 5 tips below I help you on your way so that you can save time and money on business travel within your organization:

1. Make a travel plan

Make sure you make a travel plan for all travelers within the organization. Because all flights can be booked from 11 months before departure, you can use the most advantageous ticket prices.

2. Create a travel policy

Make sure there is clarity within the organization about the policy regarding air travel, hotels, car hire, visa, etc. so that this can be complied with. This has a cost-saving effect because you clearly know what is allowed and what is not allowed.

3. Be creative

If a business trip is booked several times to the same destination by the same passenger, then it is possible to combine it. So when you book, do you know that you will, for example, go to the same destination again in a few months? Combine the tickets!

4. Book a return ticket instead of a single journey

In almost all cases, a single trip is more expensive than a return ticket. In that case, book a return ticket of which you only use the outward journey.

5. Denk out of the box

If you have multiple destinations on one business trip, it is usually not cheaper to book the entire trip in 1 ticket. If you split the trip into multiple components, this will result in a cost saving.

More free tips?

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