Healing poem for a scorpio eclipse

Beloved, do you have a sting in your tail?

A shadow you would not like to face?

Are you afraid to let your own power unleash

On me? On her? On him? On the world?


Let me share with you a secret…

Nothing is irreparable

The heart of Love rejects nothing

and accepts everything.



So if you need to sting, go ahead.

I cannot be hurt.

Only my story of who I am can suffer

And stinging that

is your gift to me.


Beyond the stories of who I should be

Is the open space

of who I might become.

Refrain from becoming,

and this open space I am.


Each new moment beckons

a deep mystery into being

from the depths of my soul

through this body

to touch the world.


No thought, word or breath

will not affect

this thing we call Life.

As every action vibrates

into creation.


But we are not the doers

the makers or the shapers

We are the vessels of

Love’s work in the world


And sometimes, Beloved,

Love stings.



I wrote this poem days before the moon eclipsed the sun in scorpio. Although I don’t have a very deep understanding of Astrology, I know that the sign of scorpio can relate to those movements in life that are sudden, intense, challenging or confronting. Not the kind of ¬†experience that we would often choose for ourselves… yet such experiences can perform a powerful and potentially healing function, of bringing to light that which was hidden or unconscious within us.


This poem touched me as I wrote it. The words speak of a view that is becoming my own… Where everything and nothing is personal. From the perspective of the unified field of consciousness from which all beings arise, our deepest desires and our worst fears, our loves and our dislikes, are but momentary glimpses of experience, passing through different aspects of the same conscious presence… This unified presence is bound to itself, by itself, as itself… through love.


Far from being a fancy philosophical notion, I have discovered that this perspective has deeply personal and practical implications for how I live my life, and how I relate to those I love, those I like, those I don’t like, and those I just don’t know…


I’m curious… Do you also recognise or glimpse this unity at the heart of existence? When you breathe into that perspective and see the world that way, how do your current challenges look? What might you do or say differently?



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