Heed the Call

This work – heeding the call of the soul – is not for the fainthearted.


It goes to the very core of why we are here…

and how we show up in our life.


Our discoveries on this path can open new vistas

and bring great pleasure…

The path can also carry us through unknown valleys

that are scary, disorienting, wild and tender.


For myself, I know, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There comes a time when even “being happy” is less important

than discovering the deep peace

that will carry you through the toughest inner terrain

…and the most beautiful.


If you’re longing to bring more light, presence and focus to this journey…

Let me stand with you in affirming the power of doing so.

So often, it’s everything else that calls, that receives our attention first.

And yet…


When you make space to turn – with intention – towards the call of the soul,

you set in motion a transformational journey, which allows you to unravel

deeper levels of realisation

about who you are,

what your soul calling is

…and how to live into it with every breath.


Then, fulfilling your soul calling will no longer be a far-off goal you are seeking.

Instead it becomes an ever-deepening discovery.

A friend you are walking with.

The life you are living.