Awakening in Love, Returning to Emptiness

a poetic journey.

This PDF ebook brings together over 20 handpicked poems from my 2012 collection, juxtaposed against the breathtaking photographic art of Richard Baxter. 

Personally, I think it’s beautiful… and I’m not alone.

The trusted friends I’ve shared it with have said: Stunning… Divine… Gorgeous… Powerful…

Download your free excerpt of Awakening in Love –  with 12 of the 44 pages (just be sure to set your PDF reader to view it two pages at a time.)

This work is an expression of my deep soul calling, and it is a living celebration of my greatest achievements this year: which were to love deeply, to surrender fully and to share my soul whisperings with you.

Awakening in Love is an invitation to open the door to love, truth, presence and trust. Every poem and image in the book carries that invitation within it. To read these poems is to embark on a journey within… to awaken to the love that breathes us, and to return to the silence at the source of all being.

I hope you will consider this simple offering as a gift for yourself, or your loved ones at this special time.

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Special Offer: Awakening in Love + Individual Session package.

If you resonate with this inner journey and want to take it deeper…

The Awakening in Love Individual Session is a 30 minute session by phone or Skype, to support you to deepen in your own awareness of the essence of who you truly are… and to live your life from that place.

When you order the Individual Session package, you will get your ebook straight away, and I’ll be encouraging you to work with the book in a conscious way to prepare for your individual session.

During this powerful session, you will:

  • be guided into a silent meditation, where we will rest together, deepening in that presence.
  • share your intention for the session… Any place you feel stuck, disconnected, separate or removed from the love, truth, presence and trust that is at the essence of life.
  • experience an opening or shift that allows you to reconnect with your own source.
  • reflect on how this awareness can be lived in your life.

Also, you should know there is no upsell. I am not selling any other program! I chose the half-hour time frame for this session because I find that within the container of 30 minutes is the simplest way to awaken through limiting beliefs or concepts that obscure your own natural awakened presence… and the freshness that it can bring to your life.

To work with me in this way would normally be $125.

During the month of December, I am offering a special where this session will be only $75, and an ebook will be included. If you act quick, I have a couple of slots available this year. Otherwise, your actual session will be scheduled from  January 10…

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