Your Free Gift: Social Media with Soul

Here’s a little gift for you.

This is probably one of the best introductions I’ve seen on how to make social media work for you, especially from a heart-centered viewpoint.

~ Joanna Powell Colbert ~

Social Media Strategy with SoulSocial Media is a big thing in the small business world.

It offers profound opportunities for you to connect with your right people. And equally as many opportunities to waste the precious time and energy that could be growing your beautiful business.

For the soul-inspired business owner, the distractions of social media can be really fragmenting, and what you really need is a plan that aligns with your own soul, and with the unique evolution of your business.

If you’re new to social media, it can feel like a lot to get your head around. You can make it easier on yourself by keeping it simple. Give yourself time to learn the ropes. Start small. Develop one social medium at a time, customise it for your business, get it working, and then explore the others. And remember that it’s about finetuning, not ‘finishing’. You can find out what works best for you, but you can’t really get it wrong.

~ excerpt from Social Media Strategy with Soul.

I first wrote this guide for my clients, who were struggling to get started on social media without getting completely overwhelmed. They found it so helpful, I realised it needed to be shared more widely.

Social Media Strategy with Soul is focused on helping you develop a business strategy with three of the most-used social media tools: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

I am part way through reading your Social Media Strategy with Soul and I’ve already got a lot out of it! For example I have just started on Twitter, and the transition was seamless thanks to you.

~ Tangerine Meg ~

Social Media Strategy with Soul is especially for you if:

  • Everyone’s been telling you that you need to get on Facebook, Twitter, but you already have a lot on your plate, so you want to be effective and timely when you tackle it.
  • You are already ‘on’ Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN. But now you’re wondering how on earth you are gonna use these tools to help you get more clients or earn more money?
  • You are fairly comfortable with social media but want to hone your strategy, or start using another platform to your usual.

Oh my goshness!!!! Excellent!!!! Useful!!!! Potent!!!!

Didja wanna testimonial? Ima gonna give you one!!!!

“Yus, we know social media is important for growing business. But want to know what’s even more important? Having a strategy to help you actually use social media powerfully instead of frittering away your time on Twitter. We all need to stay centered & clear in our vision. This book is an important tool to help us do just that.”

~ Goddess Leonie ~


What’s in the Guide?

Well, I don’t go in-depth on the technical aspects of how to set up or use your social media tools (though I recommend other resources that do).

What you will learn is how to develop a simple and elegant social media strategy that will help you grow your business without sucking too much of your precious time and energy.

I dig into what social media is, why it’s worth using for your business and how social media can be incorporated into the ‘three journeys’ of your marketing strategy.

And I reveal in depth the eight keys to a truly effective social media strategy (setting your intention, representing yourself, writing content, connecting with people, personal exposure, streamlining to leverage your efforts, managing your time and evaluating your efforts).

When I say ‘in depth’, I promise you: I’m not kidding! This is not two pages of bullet points pretending to be an ebook. This is a 40+ page ebook which ate at least three weekends of my life when I was writing it. Just so you know 🙂

Hey, Yollana, Nice work! Yay! Congratulations!

The content is clear, the format is consistent and laid out in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

The examples were really helpful. I like the reminders front and back to do small bites – for folks like me, that’s worth repeating another time or two, along with a ‘just start anywhere.’

I will be digging back in and it’s great to have all of the information and worksheets here in one place. Thanks for sharing with us, and congrats again!

~Julia ~

And why am I giving it away?

It’s a funny thing. So far, social media strategy hasn’t played a huge part in the work I do with clients. I mean, it’s there… But it’s a small part of a bigger picture.

The way I see it, the core of my work is helping people uncover their soul calling and bring it forward to light up their business. And I help heart-centered business owners learn and apply business strategies that are both effective and aligned with their heart.

So my purpose of giving this guide away is twofold:

One, so you can use it, enjoy it, and get out there and connect with your people using social media.

Two, so you can see how I work. The detailed and practical, yet inspired and personal approach that I take to social media is the same approach that I can help you take to the whole of your business.

If you ever need support in uncovering your soul-calling or building your business, by the time you’ve read this guide, you’ll have a pretty good idea whether I’d be a good fit for you. And that’s what I call connection 🙂

At last, a simple, easy to understand guide on how to use social media! Before reading Yollana’s report I felt confused and ambivalent about social media. I avoided it because I didn’t know how to use it, I thought it would take up too much time and I didn’t know where to start. After reading her report I have clarity on where to begin, what I need to do and I only need to invest 30 minutes a day to get great results. I am telling all my friends about this report. Thanks Yollana!

~ Anne Marie Clear ~

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