Soul Whispering 101: How to truly open with a question…

The depth of the guidance you receive from your own soul will depend very much on the way that you ask.

With each question, the goal is not so much to answer the question immediately and finally, but rather, to let it find a still place inside you where the answers can emerge from the deeper mystery that is your own self.

Here is how to create the space to hear your own soul deeply…

Begin by creating a sacred space for yourself.
Meeting your own soul is a sacred experience.
This is a very important step. But it does not actually have to involve a lot of hoo-ha. After all, all of life is sacred.
But it can help to find a place where you will not be distracted, and a time when you have at least fifteen minutes to really bring all of your undistracted awareness to this question.

Let go of all expectations and previous knowing.
Meeting your soul is a sacred intimacy. Do not bring your expectations or judgments from the past. Come fresh to the present and discover what is here!

If you have been on a spiritual path for some time, you may already have some – or many – pictures, ideas and concepts in your mind about who you are, what your soul is and how it is calling you. These concepts are powerful reflections of the path you have walked so far, but their greatest truth was in the moment they arose for you. If they are truly true, they will arise again in the next moment. And the next after that. So – whether or not your preconceptions are “good” or “bad”, useful or unuseful, I invite you to let them go for now. Free from preconceptions, you can bring a sincere and open heart to your soul whispering. Only then can you discover directly your own soul experience. It may or may not align with teachings you have read in the past. But it will be your own direct experience. And that’s what this path is about.

This is an opportunity to ask freshly, from a place of not knowing… and see what you discover. In this way, even the most simple question becomes the thread that pulls you deeper into your own knowing of yourself, and expression of that in the world.

Enjoy your SoulWhispering Journey!

Love Yollana