Mindful time management: Making space for you in your business

A client of mine recently asked me this great question about time management:

how do I make time to do all this business planning stuff when I already have so little time?!

It’s a great question. So many “productivity systems” and “efficiency processes” that promise to deliver you from overwhelm, can take a huge amount of time to put in place in the short term, before they start saving you time in the long-run.

It’s a funny kind of catch-22.

But the good news is –

There is a solution to your current time management challenges that doesn’t involve more work, or spending your next three weekends putting it in place.

The other week I asked Janet, from Mindful Time Management, what she would do, and her reply was so helpful that I encouraged her to write it up on her time management blog. And the good news? She did!

Check out Janet’s super-helpful blog post on how to create time when there is no time, and let me know if you found it as helpful as me – and my client – did.

What I love about Janet’s time management approach

There it is. Instantly – before creating another ‘to-do’, it allows you to bring awareness to your own self, to how you are thinking and feeling, and to what your true needs are in the present moment, beneath the craziness of your mind that is working itself into a panic over your bulging to-do list.

I love an approach that creates more spaciousness in your mind, your heart and your business…

Don’t you?



One Response

  1. Janet Bailey says:

    Yollana, thank YOU for the excellent question that inspired my post! I’m so glad it was helpful to you and your client.