Stepping up to your divine gifts without burning out

Warning: This post gets pretty cosmic. But doesn’t all of life, ultimately?

Being in business for yourself can be a big stretch. It’s an evolving process where you are constantly growing,  often in many areas at once. You may reach some mastery at a certain level, and stabilize and consolidate there, but soon enough find yourself growing again.

For most heart-centred business folk, this push to growth is twofold: to earn a living, yes, and also to make the best use of your god-given gifts, talents and passions. Many have a burning desire to find and use our own unique gifts and talents in the highest and best way possible. And this desire keeps us constantly growing and stretching.

In a practical sense, this might look like striving to touch more people through your work, or  introducing a new tool or creating a new service or even starting a whole new business in alignment with what your heart really longs to share in the world… It’s exciting to step up to your gifts in this way. But it can also be pre-tty uncomfortable.

Stepping up and burning out…

I have a friend who has been a marketing consultant for many years, but has a deeply intuitive side which he is beginning acknowledge and bring forward in his work with people. He recently shared with me how, as he began stepping up to this gift and allowing his intuitive and psychic abilities more space on his stage, he had moments of tuning into energies that felt too big to handle… A colleague’s grief over the recent and sudden death of her friend… A friend’s pain at the struggles in his marriage… Things that would normally be held tightly under the skin of another person, suddenly washed over him, leaving him literally exhausted and burnt out, like a wire that had just been blasted and frayed by a powerful current.

Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar? It may not be psychic overwhelm… But perhaps you’ve experienced stepping up to serve more people, or serve in a new way, and feeling both called to do this and also like  it might be more than you can handle.. . then you go from feeling confident in your gifts to suddenly feeling more weak, vulnerable and unsure of your capacity.

The thing about your soul’s gifts…

There are a number of factors that can contribute to this burnout, but the big one that I want to talk about here (and it is a big one!) is ultimately about the nature of life… and how you relate to your gifts.

Without even being conscious that he was doing it, my friend was making this subtle judgement in his mind: I am the recipient of this incredible intuition and guidance that comes straight from the universal intelligence… Now I have to make myself big / strong / pure enough to properly receive it. No wonder he was feeling exhausted!

Perhaps you’ve told yourself something similar?

Stepping up without burning out.

There’s a popular saying “God never gives us more than we can handle”.  I actually agree. And I also reckon it goes deeper than that… So let’s go deeper for a moment.

You can’t be big enough to receive the infinite.

The entire universe, all of manifest creation, is a part of one substance. Ultimately unnameable. A vast and powerful presence. An essence that is called many names in traditions ancient and modern.  Your deepest gifts are born from this essential power. And they are powerful. You, alone, can never be big enough to hold them.

But here’s the thing. The desire to step up to your gifts is also born of this essence. And the same essence powers your capacity to embrace and embody your gifts in the world.

In the case of my friend, he needed to recognize that not only are his psychic abilities a divine gift, but so is the ability to handle them.

Only the Infinite is big enough to step up to the Infinite.

The gift that you are stepping up to, is a gift from the divine, directly to and into your life. That would feel like a big responsibility if that were the end of the story. But it ain’t: Your capacity to step up to your gifts is also a manifestation of that same divine energy, universe or higher power.

Get it? God is the current and the wire. The divine flow and the river banks. You can let something bigger than you do the stepping up to the really big stuff in your life and business… (Yes, really – you can! Truly, try it!)

What you can do…

Ask yourself:

What would it be like to allow yourself to rest into, and bear witness to, a divine process that is happening through you, by which you are being called to step up, are being given the gifts to step up with, and are growing the capacity to step up to, all from the deeper, vaster, more powerful essence at the centre of your being (and indeed of all of existence)?

…Isn’t that much more relaxing?



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  1. I LOVED the article Yolanda!! Thank you!
    Daina (DINAH) recently posted..Hello world!

  2. yollana says:

    Thankyou Dinah…. I love your website! What a great concept 🙂

  3. Janet says:

    This is great Yo. So good to be reminded. I’d love to see the the larger work it comes from too. Sounds brilliant. Really appreciate what you are doing. Thank you

  4. yollana says:

    Thanks Janet, glad it’s resonating!