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Anyone who has questions about work and career would like the best career advice that is available. If you go to an advisor, you (or your employer) make a considerable investment in time and money. That is why you can set requirements. Requirements in the field of expertise of the consultant and the quality of the advice offered. Based on the recommendations below, you can better assess the working methods and expertise of career advisors.

Career advisors are available in all shapes and sizes. The method they use is not always the same. Some career counselors are focused on quick results and salary increases, while other advisors are more focused on feeling and experience. There are career advisors who are based in capital office buildings and career advisors that you receive at their home. There are career counselors who work with video sessions, application clubs and job searchers, while others work with creativity, walking coaching or tarot cards.

Checking the quality of career advice:

The number of professional career counselors has grown considerably in the last 20 years. It is estimated that there are about 1500 large and small career advice agencies in the Netherlands. In addition to career advice, they often offer services such as outplacement and reintegration.

Interview with a career advisor with the growth of the number of career counselors, the need for quality control also increased. The career counselor is a ‘liberal profession’, there are no legal requirements for this title. Even without a suitable background, someone may call himself a career advisor, launch a website and receive customers.

Good, professional career counselors have demonstrable qualifications. They appreciate that you are critical when choosing a career counselor. Choosing a wrong advisor means that you waste time and money. This is entirely true if you also receive a wrong advice that does not seem to fit you later. That is not in your interest, but certainly not in the interests of the better career advisors, who attach a good reputation to their professional group.

What makes a career advisor ‘good’?

A good career advisor has, in addition to a vocational training, extensive experience with the ‘people & labor’ work field. Think of a background as a personal consultant, an employee of an employment agency, company social worker, etc. Good career advisors also have competencies that enable them to help clients properly. Think of skills such as empathy, effective communication, reflection, and coaching.

Professional associations and certifying bodies:

You can request the company data from reliable career advice agencies at the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, good career advisers use a code of conduct (with complaints procedure). This will often be the code of conduct of a professional association or certifying authority. Good career advisers are of course also connected to a professional association to keep their knowledge and skills up to date and to keep in touch with colleagues. That is also important for the quality of service.

Well-known professional associations and certifying bodies in the Netherlands are:

NOLOC – Dutch Order for Career Counselors and Outplacement Consultants
Register BKA – Stichting Register Beroepskeuzeadviseurs
OVAL – Organization for vitality, activation, and career (merger of COBOL and BoaBorea)

CMI – Career Management Institute:

The NOLOC applies less stringent requirements with regard to the knowledge, experience, and quality of the connected career advisors, while the CMI is again quite strict. You can check whether a consultant is affiliated with them on the websites of the above associations. The CMI also states which level of qualification the relevant advisor holds (starting from Register Consultant A to C).

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