Why the hesitation at the crossroads of important business decisions? And what you can do about it…

Have you ever found that you have an important business decision to make… and you just can’t quite bring yourself to move ahead in any direction…

It might be a simple thing, like finding the right wording for your brochure. Or it could involve a larger investment, like choosing someone to build your website, or hiring someone to help grow your business.

In fact, none of these decisions are a small matter. When you need your business to work (to pay the bills for a start), the stakes can feel pretty high… And the longer you procrastinate, the less people get to read your flyer / see your website.

Ouch. It’s a pretty uncomfortable crunch.

So why do people hesitate at the crossroads so much? And how do you move forward from that place, without procrastinating too long, or compromising the quality of what you hope to achieve?

The spiritual metaphor of the cross (roads)

Most people recognise the cross as a significant spiritual metaphor in modern Christianity. You may already have a number of associations with this symbol – guilt, suffering, service, rebirth…

Fewer people realise that the cross, as a spiritual symbol pre-dates christianity to (among other traditions) ancient Celtic lore.

In the more ancient sense, the cross represents the intersection of time and space, heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, the point of unity where two or forces, dimensions, or planes of existence, come together as one.

The vertical plane represents your connection with the spiritual dimension, the divine intelligence inherent in all existence, from the smallest molecule within your body to the entire universe itself. This spiritual connection always occurs in the present moment.

The horizontal plane represents the manifest world of external phenomena. This includes your physical body, what you see, say and do, your imagination, memories, and the world as it unfolds through time.

Hesitating at the crossroads: Learning to go in, not out.

Usually, when you are hesitating at a crossroads between two external choices, the entire crossroad is occurring on the horizontal plane of the metaphorical cross described above.

Hesitation occurs when one is so busy looking down the path of one road or the other, trying to imagine how things might pan out for the best, or the worst,  that they lose track of their spiritual connection in the present moment.

And the lesson is…?

When stuck with a choice to go left or right, go in.

First, go in.

If your business has soul (and I’m sure yours does), then the source of inspiration for your business is Grace… the infinite field of creativity, knowing and potential that is at the essence of all things In other words, your inspiration comes, when you are connected to that vertical plane.

If you let go of your stories about what this decision means, just for a moment, and bring yourself back to the present moment, you re-connect with that infinite field which naturally gives rise to inspiration, and inevitably presents you with a natural next step…

Although, as with everything that is born from infinite field of possibilities, the solution  may not be what you expected!

Does this resonate with you?

Have you ever hesitated at the cross-roads of an important decision? And have you tried letting go of the external choice and instead, returning to your centre in the present moment? Did it work for you?

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  1. Leonie says:

    Thanks Yollana, the crossroads article is so useful, it seems we can never be reminded too often that it helps to go within.