The Customers Must Be Able To Reply On Security Partners

The shortage of security specialists affects the entire industry. Not only the IT security vendors but also their resellers and distributors have difficulty getting to talented security experts. And that is difficult for companies that not only want to prevent common attacks but also want to ban advanced and targeted attacks. “Lack of specialists is one of the biggest problems for companies in the field of cybersecurity.”

“SMEs do have interesting data for hackers, but they do not have the advanced security that medium and large companies often have because they do not employ an employee who is busy full-time with IT security.

That is why they are susceptible to advanced hacks and attacks, “says Aart Jonkers, Country Sales Manager of Corporate Sales Benelux at F-Secure. For the good security, many therefore trust their ICT partners blindly. The tools and knowledge of partners are therefore very important, says Jonkers.

In 2013, F-Secure was still very busy with the products that consumers and companies could use to prevent cyber incidents. And that did not only apply to F-Secure, but the whole market also invested heavily in these preventive solutions, according to Jonkers.

“Companies generally have good products to prevent cyber attacks based on commodity threats, but we increasingly see advanced and targeted attacks that require more advanced cybersecurity techniques,” Jonkers says.

The strategy that F-Secure has been trying to transfer to partners for some time is all about the security cycle. F-Secure shares information security in four phases: predict, prevent, detect and respond. In the first phase, a risk profile is made of a company.

For example, a baker has a different risk profile than an insurer. Then, in the prevention phase, measures are taken to prevent you from becoming a victim of a cyber incident. For years this has consisted of securing with antivirus software, spam filters, and firewalls. However good these products may be, the threat landscape changes.

“We are seeing more and more advanced and targeted attacks. Excluding such an attack or data breach is very difficult with only preventive solutions and therefore detection solutions must also be used to discover any cybercrime if it manages to circumvent security. And if necessary, it must be possible to respond to a possible attack (responding phase). This is why F-Secure has put RDR on the market this year, which stands for Rapid Detection & Response. “

More awareness:

Jonkers does see that awareness among companies has risen sharply in recent years. More and more companies realize that only preventing cyber incidents is not enough. It is very likely that every company will become a victim of a hack or cyber attack, and so they must also secure themselves with detection and respond solutions. He sees it as a task for F-Secure to spread that message even further in the market.

Since April 2013, F-Secure has undergone a complete transition itself, from endpoint protection company to full-fledged cybersecurity vendor/supplier. Jonkers: “Personally I am proud of the development of F-Secure in the Benelux, on what we have achieved together and on everything that I have been able to contribute to that.” He is confident that the company will continue to grow in the coming years. can continue.

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