Why bar the door to love?

Why do you bar the door to Love?


Don’t you feel the life force

rising up from the ground?


You are being nourished

by the earth herself

because you, my love, are worthy.


Don’t you feel the sun¬†shining

and the wind caressing you?


Even the rain washes your face.

All this is given to you, my love,

and you are so very, very worthy.


Listen. Your own heart

is singing your name,

calling you home

to the love you are made of.


Every atom, every cell

is gifted with the love.


You are held through every trial

and gifted with every moment.

The gift is given inside.


Closer than your body.

Closer than your heart.

There where your inner eye

touches a feeling…

There is the gift.


Open it, sweet.

No matter how it looks

No matter what you fear is inside.

Open this and see.


Not later, beloved.

Open it now.


There… You see?

It’s always full of light.


You are so precious.

Life only gives you the very best.


Open and see.

Everything always comes from Love.



Thank you for reading this poem.

Please share your thoughts, feelings or impressions in the comments below.

Love Yollana



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