The Wedding Song

wedding songHere, take my hand

and let’s look deeper.


Deeper than this house and this car

Deeper than these dishes and

that overdue insurance payment.

Deeper even than our child’s snotty nose.


Do you see?

Beneath it all, a silent wind is blowing.


Some unseen hand, it orchestrates

this dance that we call life

that we judge graceful or mundane.


Some precious presence permeates

as we are played, like violins…

harmonic and discordant strings.


By some eternal essence

we are gathered and drawn,

in a rising crescendo

a sound wave of song

and flung back to the shore.


My love, will you listen

and look deeper with me?


Together we might hear and see

how easily the stuff of the world


like dust on the wind

leaving only the holy desert of the Heart.


It is such a simple, subtle step

to turn our senses here

…alone, or when I take your hand…

and find the ground on which we stand.




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