Should I do this or that?

There’s a time to will

and a time to yield.

A time to act

and a time to be still.

A time to be quiet

A time to say.

A time to fight

and a time to pray.

A time to love

and a time to let go.

But when, do you know?

When do you know…

© Yollana Shore 2012


Not just a poem

Do you ever get caught in Should I do this? Or Should I do that? … wondering what to do when?

Words are sweet, for sure. But only when we inquire into their meaning in our own life do they begin to reveal their true power.

So tell me, when you read these words… Where do they take you?

How do the words in this poem reflect or inspire your own thoughts around this?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.



2 Responses

  1. Jo Bradshaw says:

    Really enjoying your work, Yollana.
    I’m just coming out of an intense period of inner work and growth, and as someone who naturally wants to run down many different paths simultaneously (and sometimes ends up freezing in an indecisive paralysis) this does speak to me.

    What I’m discovering is that the ‘what to do…’ question is easier to answer when I’m feeling connected. To get into connection I’ve had to say no to LOTS of things and take some time to prioritise myself. I’ve been really, really quiet recently.
    I’ve also had to get outside help – another revelation.

    I wonder if you’d enjoy reading a poem I wrote recently on stepping in to soul purpose…:

    Just in Case the World ends Friday

    I’m looking forward to exploring how my work can impact other ‘minestrone souls’ whose path does not always appear clearly, and of course, connecting with you and your wonderful energy : )
    xx Jo
    Jo Bradshaw recently posted..{faulty logic} hat

  2. yollana says:

    Thank you Jo. If I’m hearing you right, that has been exactly my experience too. That the “what to do” becomes clear when we make space for it to arise from the stillness within. Your poem is wonderful, and it is lovely to connect with you!