What can you fit inside a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are typically designed to carry heavy loads across vast oceans safely while being stacked onto a cargo ship. The cargo on these ships is pitched and tossed around quite a lot, so depending on what is inside of the container, it is usually packed in such a way that the items will arrive on the other side of the water intact.  Large, heavy items do not move around as much as smaller, lighter items.

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What can fit inside a shipping container?

The larger the items, the less of them that will fit.  When it comes to vehicles, you can fit one larger car (or truck) or two smaller ones. A twenty-foot container can ship around 50,000 bananas.  Most items that are perishable and come from overseas, such as fruit, are picked very early, allowing several weeks for shipping and sale when it arrives on the receiving side.

About 60 full size refrigerators can fit inside a shipping container. They are usually packed inside cardboard boxes, keeping them from smashing into each other. Fridges are a larger item so fewer of them can fit inside the container. If items need special packing material that also needs to be factored in when estimating shipping space in a shipping container.

Once a container is received on the other side of the ocean, it can be repurposed for other uses.  One shipping container can make a decent sized guest bedroom or in-law suite. It can also be just the right size for a home office. People may also like shipping containers for use as an off-grid cabin because it is a self-contained unit and no other parts need to be added to it.

Shipping containers are perfect for storage.  If you prefer to use your garage to part your cars inside, you can use a shipping container for the storage of the items that you need to remove from your garage. A shipping container also makes a suitable garage if you do not have one on your property. You can purchase one of these containers for a fraction of what it would cost to build an actual garage on your property, and you do not need to put any work into.  Just have the container shipped to your location, placed and then you can use it immediately.  The outer mechanism also contains all that you need to be able to lock the container and keep it safe from prying eyes.

If you plan to move across the country or across the world, shipping containers can hold most of the items you have in your home, saving you shipping costs.  All you must pay for is the container rental and the weight that is packed inside once you ship it to a destination. Many people prefer this option over having to use several moving trucks or smaller shipping containers because it is more cost-effective and the entire household can be moved in just one container, usually.

Shipping containers can hold a lot of off-road vehicles. If you like to camp and have a trailer and other items that you use when you are camping, you can store all of those things inside a shipping container without having to take up valuable space in your garage. The result is that you keep your trailer dry and leak-free and you can have all of the items that you need when you want to go camping all stored in a single location, making it easier and faster to pack them up when you want to get ready to go at a moment’s notice.

If you have always wanted to add on to your home in an affordable way, shipping containers add plenty of square footage. They make excellent portable bathrooms because they are easy enough to move and can hold enough washrooms to take care of the needs of a small crowd without the massive expense of having to rent several portable washrooms. If washrooms are not needed on a permanent basis, these are the perfect solution to having what you need onsite. They have plenty of room for a men’s and women’s set up with a divider in between. There is also room for sinks in the front of the unit. The shape of shipping containers makes them easy to transport and move around on special trailers and this means that temporary buildings can be created inside of the shipping container and moved to where they are needed.

Most people use decommissioned shipping containers for storage of household items, but industrial businesses can also use them for the storage of supplies and extra stock that cannot all be placed on a shelf inside the business.  The humble shipping container can hold a lot of extra items that would otherwise be taking up valuable space in a yard or at a business.  The container can be placed close to the business location so that when items are needed that are stored within, it is in easy reach for someone to go inside and retrieve that item.

Shipping containers look quite small on the outside, but they are deceivingly large on the inside. When you need extra storage room or extra living space or just a spare room where you can get away from it all without leaving home, shipping containers hold a lot of items and are affordable. If you want to purchase one and use it for a short time (or lease one), it will retain it’s value and can easily be resold if you decide you don’t want it in the future. Instead of expending a lot of money on building materials, consider how a shipping container can achieve the same result for you at a fraction of the cost. Most people have no idea about how much can fit inside a shipping container and they are pleasantly surprised when they repurpose it and see just how much space they gain. If you need to downsize but cannot do that, extra storage space may be the answer you are looking for.

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