What Do Lenders Look For In A Business Plan

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Our mission is to help businesses and Entrepreneurs develop a business plan that will help achieve a sustaining business model, assist in securing funding, and to grow!

GROWTH Business Planning will research your industry, prepare and write your business plan. We provide full business development services and resource assistance. Our business plan writers have assisted over 500 companies with their business plans and are ready to write your business plan today.

GROWTH offers much more than a traditional business plan writer (whether a company or an individual). We offer market planning, Internet business planning, and online marketing services. Whatever is needed, GROWTH is here to assist our clients to become successful in business.
There are 3 major components a prospective lender looks for when evaluating a business plan:

Executive Summary:

The Executive Summary provides the reader a brief overview of the company, focusing on ownership, how it came into existence, and what it’s all about. Based on the content present in the Executive Summary, the reader is able to determine right away if the company is worthy enough for further consideration.

Management Team:

The strength of the Management Team assists the reader in determining the team’s experience. The Management Team’s experience must be in tune with the company’s overall goals and objectives. A lender will withhold funding if it deems the company’s management inexperienced.


A company’s financial information is the most important part of the business plan. The “numbers” must make sense to a lender before any decision is made. The numbers include start-up and working capital costs, profit and loss statements, financial projections, and break-even analysis.

GROWTH Business Planning works with the client every step of the way in producing the business plan.

In today’s business environment, it is as important of how you plan on making money the moment after you raise capital to get started. As a result, marketing plans have become as essential as business plans. At GROWTH, our Marketing Plan Writers are at the forefront in developing clear, complete and concise marketing plans for our clients.

Through a comprehensive evaluation of your business, a GROWTH market plan professional determines exactly what your customers’ needs are before drafting the marketing plan.

This allows you an overall view of where you are as a company (in regards to your marketing efforts), how much money you are potentially losing without implementing certain marketing strategies, and what your competitors are doing in staying ahead of you.

There is a reason you need a marketing plan; whether you want to grow or survive. GROWTH’s marketing plan focuses on attracting new business to you, growing your business for you, while maintaining your existing clientele.

GROWTH Marketing Plan Approach:

To determine your customer needs, GROWTH market research will provide current and relevant market intelligence, including:

• Customer dis/satisfaction with your products or services
• Opportunities for new products or services
• Purchasing and spending trends that could affect your company’s bottom-line
• Changes in demographics (historical, future)
• Legal Developments
• Industry and competitor analysis

A GROWTH marketing plan professional can assist you in conducting market surveys, customer focus groups, researching published reports and statistical information, and interviewing industry experts.

All information gathered, critiqued, and analyzed will help determine what competitive dis/advantages you presently have, and what you need to do in order to grow. The preparation of a marketing plan by GROWTH gets you there.

Your Marketing Plan Is Your Identity:

Your marketing plan identifies segments of customers you can better serve than your competitors and tailors your products and services to attract and acquire them. This can be accomplished by reduction of prices, improved the distribution of the product, and increased in promotional efforts toward those particular segments.

Your marketing plan should address unmet customer needs has the potential to generate substantial revenue for you. Your marketing plan should target customers you can best serve, instead of focusing on customers outside your company’s target market.

Your marketing plan describes the corporate identity and image you wish to have as you begin to establish your brand. Your logo, taglines, corporate stationery, marketing message, sales literature, website, Internet Marketing activities, individual promotional pieces, and public relations activities all contribute to your corporate image as you build your brand.

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