The Difference Between Human Resources And Human Resources

Everyone recognizes that you start talking to someone on birthdays and you are asked what you do for a living. That is the question that is regularly asked to me. I proudly tell you that I am an HR Manager. Often, the question immediately follows: “But what is that then?”

I usually reply that I work in the Human Resources department. This often gives a clearer picture, but it does not completely cover the load of my tasks and responsibilities. In order to clarify my position, I give my view on the difference between Human Resources (HR) and Personnel Affairs in this blog and I tell you how my role in Inside has been fulfilled.

Difference between hr and human resources:

Ask this question to Google and you will find many different articles about the difference between HR and Human Resources. Over the years I have developed my own perspective on this, which I like to share with you:
The executive work is usually done in the Personnel Department. Administrative actions are carried out, such as changes to the workforce and payroll administration (very important :)).

Personnel cases include recruitment and selection and having the knowledge of the various legislations.
HR (management) has a more advisory and supporting role towards managers and therefore works closely with the managers. In addition, HR mainly deals with strategic issues. Strategic issues concern, for example, the personnel policy and how employees can contribute to the growth and development of the organization.

How is this filled in at Inside?

At Inside, no clear distinction is made between HR and Human Resources. Because we are a fairly small company, this is not really possible. My work as an HR Manager, therefore, consists of both executive and strategic tasks. For example.

I give shape to the recruitment & selection policy, but I also conduct selection interviews. Training, as you have read in my previous blog, we find very important inside. Developing opportunities for training, as well as arranging these courses, is, therefore, an important part of my work.
These are just a few examples of the activities that I do, in which I combine the strategic aspects of HR and the executive of Human Resources. HR and Human Resources have a lot to do with each other. They are certainly not separate from each other but complement each other.

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