The Secure Transmission For Equipment Via The Internet

When using security cameras, it is undesirable if images can be intercepted or manipulated. With a standard camera system that certainly can not be ruled out. PG Security Systems has therefore launched Safe Connections on the market. With this service, the distributor makes it possible to connect devices, such as security cameras, to the Internet via a highly secured and controlled connection.

Safe Connections is volts PG Security Systems designed and developed with a view to optimum safety. That is also badly needed: hackers take advantage of the fact that the internet is not designed for ‘high security’ applications. For example, it is relatively easy to find IP addresses, scan the ports of the modem and crack the network password.

The connection from the outside can also easily be overloaded to prevent alarms from reaching an emergency service. The use of Safe Connections is not limited to surveillance cameras. Almost all IP-based devices can be connected to it. The connection is made via a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN). This can be regarded as a tunnel for data from security equipment, computer systems, payment terminals, but also smart thermostats and smart TVs.

Cold trick:

“It is not a sales pitch”, emphasizes Peter Gatowinas of PG Security Systems. “Images of tens of thousands of security cameras are displayed on public websites because the installer or user has not changed the factory password. Dutch security cameras have also been hacked in this way. We are not talking about cameras that are not known to be hacked.

Moreover, it is not just about cameras. Everything is now connected to the internet and not always is security considered. The network password can be found via a wireless printer, after which it is a breeze to take over computers and other devices, without the user immediately noticing. “

No ICT knowledge required:

Safe Connections is designed in such a way that no IT knowledge is required for installation and use. The basis is the Safe Connections Box, which is placed between the modem and the equipment. If you want to manage the equipment remotely, you need PC software or a smartphone app. This ensures that the signals are decrypted again. Without software or app, it is not possible to establish a connection.

This is not enough for good security. That’s why Safe Connections offers a number of extra options. Vital components of the equipment are monitored, such as the status of the hard disk. You can also see if any firmware or software updates are needed in the cameras.

Now only for Hikvision, but soon also for other brands. With the same ease, an update can be installed remotely. This method of monitoring always works, but the user decides if and when the installer can enter the network. Users can therefore safely leave the work to their installer. He will then receive temporary access.

Commercial opportunities:

The installer also does not need specific knowledge. Complicated work, such as port forwarding, is a thing of the past with Safe Connections. It also offers nice commercial opportunities. Installers can monitor the systems remotely for their customers and offer preventive maintenance before something breaks down.

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